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What’s up with server nationalism?

My realm, Argent Dawn (AD), the first and thus biggest roleplay server, has had free transfers in the past to several lower populated roleplay realms. In fact, transfers are open right now. This has inspired players from the recieving realms to come to our forums to both inform about this option, and also to recruit new raiders.

In the beginning of November this year (2009) some people apparently had enough of all of this server “poaching” (a phenomenon I find hard to comprehend, I mean – people have free will to choose the realm they wish, right?). It culminated in a thread called “Argent Dawn – About Transfers” which started off like this

“[…] That is, basically, the flaw in all this advertising. What you (that is, the other-realmers) may not realise is that it basically comes off as begging. You are almost literally begging us to help keep *your* realm afloat. Surely it would be better to invite us to create an alt or two and try out the realm first, or perhaps post a few links and examples of what goes on, before immediately trying to grab anyone vaguely willing. […]

Not sure why I wrote this, perhaps more as an invitation for other ADers to voice their opinion on these pesky poachers, or for said other-realmers to come in and have a chat about this or that. “

Earthen Ring “advertizers” defend themselves saying, that they don’t advertize, they don’t beg – they inform! And the verbal kangaroo boxing starts. I find it interesting how that could spark such hostility between servers. One thing is certain: A lot of people care for their realms reputation, state of being and population – they call it home. But why the insult?

Someone then stepped in and outlined what the misdeed was:

Well it’s generally considered rude to advertise a realm on another realms forum no matter the intent. It’s seen either as an act of desperation, arrogance, or just mean poaching. It’s never seen in a positive light.

It’s funny how someone can speak with such authority, as if stating an obvious norm that “other-realmers” should have been aware of. At least I disagree with that “rule”.

For some reason, most of these so called “poachers” end up humble and dominated by the vocal forum minority of AD, where many of them turned out to have server-nationalistic tendencies! When did freedom of (posting) speech become limited in order to avoid offending a server by merely informing about your own realm?

At the moment free realm transfers are open from Argent Dawn to Darkmoon Faire AND The Sha’tar, as far as i can see, it has only so far triggered one thread from a Sha’tar player, where he says:

I am wondering who here is considering sending a character to either realm? Mind you, this is all purely out of interest and I’m not here to “Steal” roleplayers or the like. (T’is why I keep this post least pro-server as possible)

Lesson of today:

Being pro-server on another server –  is very naughty!

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