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Kamalia (et Alia!) has shared with us her impressive wardrobe spread across an equally impressive list of alts. For all the mage-fans, Kamalia certainly has you covered – her mage-alts spanning all races! … well, except tauren.

Originally posted on Kamalia et alia:

With the Mogolympics over, it was time to start posting my “Things my Characters Wear” series. I thought about doing one a day, then decided to do them in groups so that they’d all be up before the Theramore event begins next week.

Here’s the complete list, in case you missed any in the flurry:

Mages: Human and Forsaken
Mages: Sin’dorei and Kaldorei
Mages: Draenei and Troll
Mages: Gnome and Goblin
Mages: Dwarf and Orc
Mages: Worgen and Pandaren
Druid (Caster)
Rogue & Druid (Melee)
Death Knight
Monk (coming soon!)

All of these posts are listed on my main Fashion page. When I update one of these posts with a new outfit, I’ll edit its annotation and bring it to the top of the list.

I’ll probably still write full posts about outfits I’m really excited about, but I may not…

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WoW Factor on Home Realm – WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???

This Sunday the WoW Factor is going to the home realm of Noelani and I, Argent Dawn EU.


I’m not very confident in my own personal mogs, what I see at the WoW Factor events always surpasses my own collections. Damn, I can’t hide behind a level 1 this time!

These are my choices

My Guild Tabard Mog. Weapons were just what I could find in the bank. They are a bit simple, but I don’t mind that. I’m trying to get “Mantle of the Desert’s Fury” from AQ. They look much like the ones I’m wearing, but the shape is more spiky.

My tier 10 shaman mog. I don’t know what happened to my green boots “Shuffling Shoes” from Icecrown. They fit so well, but I couldn’t find them in my bags. The boots in the picture are substitutes until I solve this hoof problem.

The mog I ran around in to begin with. It’s not a head turner and the staff doesn’t fit theme-wise. I have several nice shields and a dagger to go that matches way better.

This variation on the Ebonhold set was something I assemble from what I had in the bank and I didn’t even realize that it’s actually moggable. I’ve never used this mog, but I like how the mask makes her look more fierce.

Then again, the event is not about me and what I’m wearing, but about the people showing up, so dressing like the bridesmaid and not the bride, is probably a good demonstration of situational awareness.

Thus maybe I should wear a roleplay outfit!

It feels like such a silly thing – Not knowing what to wear in WoW?! I’ve never had that dilemma before.

I really like the tribal looks you could and can get from Zul’aman. This robe was from Zul’aman at lvl 70, but it’s cloth so I can’t mog it, and I don’t have it on my priest, who even raided the place. If I could mog outside of mail, this robe would be among my top choices.

For fun I could wear this! The pouch could symbolize us handing out gold. Technically, though, I will not be the one handing out the gold, Noelani will. A camera would be more suitable for me, I’m responsible for the screenshots.

Before Transmogrification came out I would occasionally wear this, it’s been my non raid set for a long time and I still keep it around. Hmm, I think I forgot to put on my shoes in the picture.

I am both thrilled and so, so scared about going to our home realm. You really want the best experience for everyone when it’s on your own turf.

Last time we went to a roleplay realm was Emerald Dream US and they were very brutal. Argent Dawn is the oldest and biggest roleplay realm on the EU side. Big realms means higher chance of trolls. On top of that we’ve been warned from several individuals that hosting the event on our favorite spot, the Cathedral, might cause additional problems of attracting these trolls. Supposedly we’d be right in their backyard.

So we went out and visited the other capitals, and can only conclude that there is a very limited number of locations that will work. It’s funny how aware of the game space you become in these circumstances – there has to be enough room, lighting has to be as close to white as possible, no mounting and within trial account reach. On Alliance side you pretty much end up with Stormwind Keep, the Cathedral or Ironforge Library to choose between.

At the same time of being nervous of how my realm will receive us, I am absolutely excited because I know that we will see some amazing stuff. I have already collected some pictures from mog-spotting, and some roleplay outfits too, which I will post tomorrow.

Mog-spotting on Chamber of Aspects-EU

This is just a quick mog-spotting round. I took a few screenshots last night and a few just now.

Something is telling me that Chamber of Aspects is a low population realm, even though the status of the realm says “medium”. Last night outside of peak hours Trade district was very empty. A little more full now, but not tremendously. Maybe it’s a Horde server.

It doesn’t look like their forum was being frequented much either, so lets hope the people interested knows about the event even though they may not have read our forum post.

It looks like we might have a smaller and more cozy event tonight, I don’t mind that, smaller events are often just a lot smoother and it’s on home ground for me, our first visit to a European Server!

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