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The MogOlympics Games have Drawn to a Close!

I’ve really wanted to be the spectator/participant for a transmog competition, and MogOlympics certainly delivered. I originally wanted to participate myself, but found I didn’t have enough time to get all the mogs done by deadline. However, I was still royally entertained and when looking through the links up above, it’s clear just how much work, effort and skill went into the whole event!

It’s a lot of fun to see what can come out of mogging within a restraint, and some people were able to convey fx fencing so well, you could see what they were going for without knowing the category – that was really impressive and I had my jaw drop several times!

Top Medal Winner! Lower City aka Draynee!

A huge congratulations goes out to Draynee! (Click her link to also see her amazing fencer!)

And a final thanks goes out to everyone involved, especially the judges for their initiative and all the effort they have invested into this!

29 Thing I have Learned from doing In-Game Server Events (WoW Factor Shows)

These are the things I have learned from doing 20+ in-game transmog competitions. People looking to do either transmog competitions or just any larger event in game where you invite a whole server (or both) might find this valuable. A lot of these points are probably not applicable to smaller events, especially when it’s for the guild only.

Most of these points deal with something negative, but I hope they can be a source of amusement too.

Cho’gall-US WoW Factor Show

1. The expressed positive and negative feedback is about 50/50. This means, as a recent sponsor put it: “I think even the trolls had fun tonight”. If people bother to sit through three hours constantly complaining, which happens, then take it as a compliment.

2. People favor a more lateral gold distribution over singular high prizes. We give out gold to 30-40 individuals each show. Our thumb rule is to keep the highest prize pool (top 10 fx) at or below 10% of the total fund.

3. People will say you’re hugely biased, every bias you can think of. If it’s not dwarves, then it’s warlocks, male characters etc. This complaint might also come out as “this competition was rigged”, which is a funny remark, I’m not really sure how we can favor complete strangers in a transmog competition instead of just focusing on the mogs.

4. Sometimes you’re not really welcome. This happened even on me and Noelani’s home realm and it can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes they’ll let you know that they could have done it better, and its their realm anyways!

Note the quote above: “our money” – I thought it was the sponsor’s money? It’s always an individual/guild sponsoring, there is no such thing as a whole server sponsoring. Then there’s “off-server people” and “utlendrs” (which I assume means outlanders) – very strange, what does which server you’re from have to do with transmog? It sounds xenophobic to me, I thought we were all WoW players getting together about the game – no? If they want to run it themselves though, great! More events means more fun for more people, but don’t make it about keeping “a bunch of utlendrs” from crossing your server borders.

5. Speaking of xenophobic, we get some really disturbing trolling only when we go to American realms, aimed at Noelani, who’s from England and thus speaks English. Sometimes they equate everyone to being from England, which then turns into something about us having bad taste, something homophobic and something about tea (I’m the tea drinker in this house btw, Noelani is all about the coffee). For the sake of clarity, Elvine is American (most guest judges are also American) and no one can tell where I’m from, so I guess they assume I’m English too.

6. People get very focused on how much certain guilds have won. None of us have the attention span nor the time to care about keeping track of which guilds get what. This is purely a server-specific obsession. I don’t know what they expect – “sorry, your mog is great but your guild has met our quota”.

Man, I wouldn’t want to attend his mog event. But remember, he can take shit and reason being is because noobs.

7. If the event is big enough and attracts enough players, some people will report you for “trying to crash the server”. This has never actually caused any of us to get banned, however, giving out big portions of gold in short amount of time did get Keelhaul banned a few times, so consider writing a ticket to inform them that you’re not selling the gold for real money.

8. Some people take it personally when they are not pointed out … like really personally. Some will also start complaining about being “ignored” after 15 minutes. At this point, we’ve maybe pointed out 7 people out of… say 100. If I see someone constantly sighing and grumbling about not getting attention, I’m actually prone to pass them by. I don’t want them to think you get attention by demanding it. It’s about the goddamn mogs, not about who can yell the loudest and spam the most.

9. People think you’ve only really looked at them if you also inspect them. I’m very baffled by this, it’s not like they are wearing invisible gear.

10. Everyone goes into it with the knowledge of how much they have worked for their mog. The more they have worked for it, the higher the expectation. It’s impossible to know these expectations and even harder to meet them. It’s inevitable someone will be unhappy.

11. I suspect a fair amount go for the gold alone. We warn people on the livestream that they will get bored if they are only here for the gold. Some people care only about about their own mog, but couldn’t give a damn about anyone else’s. These are the ones who get really upset if they do not win and proclaim loudly that they “wasted” 2½ hour.

12. Some people care only about getting attention on the stream.

Innocent, but a very common type of whisper.

13. And some people will thank you and tell you they had a great evening :)

14. Sometimes people think we are game masters and they complain to us that we don’t answer their tickets. Generally people’s experiences of the event differ wildly. There are so many misunderstandings about what this event is about that I don’t know how to address this issue anymore.

Apparently we are not the judges? I don’t even know what to say to this one, it’s sad someone is so misinformed, but I can’t help but laugh either.

15. Even people whom you’ve awarded gold will troll the event. I thought for a long that time that the gold was the defining factor, so that people who won gold left the event happy and satisfied and people who didn’t left the event unhappy. Someone at Cho’gall-US won early on for a Druid of the Fang themed set, but proceeded to troll at the end anyways. Gold will not shut up a troll, it’s best to disqualify them and /ignore as soon as they have been identified as obstructive.

This guy trade blocked everyone and spammed every judge with comments like these. He spent over an hour harassing people. His character was eventually banned.

16. Fairness is an overshadowing theme that forms the base in a lot of complaints, yet it’s impossible to to live up to a 100% fair mog competition because it will always be subjective.

Damn right creativity should be rewarded in a mog competition.

17. “I did a bunch of Barrens quests to get this shield, and I didn’t even get looked at” vs. “I paid 100.000 gold in total for this outfit and I didn’t even get looked at” vs. “I am wearing something unobtainable/heroic, yet 100% recipe, and I didn’t even get looked at”. I didn’t make these up, people have very different ideas about what features should be valued above others.

18. “The event is too long” vs. everyone wanting attention.

19. The biggest hard limit is actually time, not gold. You can always adjust the gold prizes, but adjusting how much time you spend on each person will affect the quality of the competition. Not too little, not too long.

20. A lot of the same discussions/complaints appear at every event. It gets tiring but you get used to it.

21. We’re always expected to cater to both factions on a realm, as if Horde and Alliance are jealous siblings that demand equal amounts of parental attention. The sponsors are often completely overlooked in these “faction fairness” issues.

22. Some assume that we can just come to their realm when asked, and the prize gold will magically appear. I wonder if this has to do with gold being a currency that can be endlessly mined from the system, so people forget that its always earned by someone at some point. The fact that people think we choose exactly where to go, also produces complaints that we don’t do enough horde shows.

Hmm, he’s a little demanding.

23. Some people go to these events expecting to be paid for the effort of attending alone. In fact, I think a lot of people forget that the gold comes from generous sponsors and that no one is automatically entitled to winning it.

24. We see people suggest for us to take entry fees, but I would strongly advise against it. Our sponsors go into it knowing that they will not win their gold back, it’s a donation for them. But if random individuals are asked to pay up, they will think of it as an investment and expect to get something in return.

This is the most I’ve ever been whispered. I don’t want to think about how many Elvine got at that event.

25. Some people call for more methodical arrangements in the shape of fx moving contestants around in groups of 5 to ensure everyone gets looked at, without regards to the huge amount of time and work in-game organization like this require. Some people literally prefer us to go through everyone saying yes or no. Urgh, I’d hate having to do that! If there are more people than there are time, we want to spend that time on the positive highlights, not saying “no” 10 times in a row.

26. If you’re the one streaming, expect to get whisper-spammed.

27. Roleplay realms can have their own special complaints: One being that they want to wear rp gear. Even when informed in advance, they’ll put on a cloth hood or take off their belts. Roleplayers are sneaky people! Another complaint can be about the location. My “dear” home server (Argent Dawn EU), had particularly big issues with us hosting it at the cathedral, even though we told them repeatedly that there currently are no alternatives.

You can wonder whether one should respect a certain server specific culture – or stand on the principle that all game space is for all players, you can’t claim some for yourself and chase others away. In this case though, we didn’t have a choice to host it anywhere else, so a lot complained about the event location even though our event was notified well in advance and only lasted for one evening.

28. Some people are unhappy that some of the same people win in the first random round, and later go on to win a top spot. If we weren’t allowed to award the best mogs gold during the first round, we would have to ignore them for 1½ hour, then award them gold at the end. Not to mention the outcry if a certain clearly amazing mog did not win anything early on. The competition has a tiered structure, but this doesn’t always go down well.

29. Trolls are not inevitable and it is possible to have an event which is troll-free. Our stats say 1/21.

Mog-spottting and Roleplay Gear Scouting on Argent Dawn

In just a few hours, we’re off to Argent Dawn EU with the WoW Factor (my home realm), so I’ve collected a variation of what I could find from seeing folks around and from the forums.

I chose to include both transmog and roleplay outfits, even though we can’t award a roleplay outfit any price at the event. Some people are disappointed by this, but it’s because we don’t think the grounds for a roleplay gear competition are fair. If you can wear plate, your choices are much bigger than a clothie, so we stick to transmog. It’s a shame really, because it could open up for a wider range of creativity, so I hope my gallery can shed some light on some really cool roleplay outfits here instead.

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WoW Factor on Home Realm – WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???

This Sunday the WoW Factor is going to the home realm of Noelani and I, Argent Dawn EU.


I’m not very confident in my own personal mogs, what I see at the WoW Factor events always surpasses my own collections. Damn, I can’t hide behind a level 1 this time!

These are my choices

My Guild Tabard Mog. Weapons were just what I could find in the bank. They are a bit simple, but I don’t mind that. I’m trying to get “Mantle of the Desert’s Fury” from AQ. They look much like the ones I’m wearing, but the shape is more spiky.

My tier 10 shaman mog. I don’t know what happened to my green boots “Shuffling Shoes” from Icecrown. They fit so well, but I couldn’t find them in my bags. The boots in the picture are substitutes until I solve this hoof problem.

The mog I ran around in to begin with. It’s not a head turner and the staff doesn’t fit theme-wise. I have several nice shields and a dagger to go that matches way better.

This variation on the Ebonhold set was something I assemble from what I had in the bank and I didn’t even realize that it’s actually moggable. I’ve never used this mog, but I like how the mask makes her look more fierce.

Then again, the event is not about me and what I’m wearing, but about the people showing up, so dressing like the bridesmaid and not the bride, is probably a good demonstration of situational awareness.

Thus maybe I should wear a roleplay outfit!

It feels like such a silly thing – Not knowing what to wear in WoW?! I’ve never had that dilemma before.

I really like the tribal looks you could and can get from Zul’aman. This robe was from Zul’aman at lvl 70, but it’s cloth so I can’t mog it, and I don’t have it on my priest, who even raided the place. If I could mog outside of mail, this robe would be among my top choices.

For fun I could wear this! The pouch could symbolize us handing out gold. Technically, though, I will not be the one handing out the gold, Noelani will. A camera would be more suitable for me, I’m responsible for the screenshots.

Before Transmogrification came out I would occasionally wear this, it’s been my non raid set for a long time and I still keep it around. Hmm, I think I forgot to put on my shoes in the picture.

I am both thrilled and so, so scared about going to our home realm. You really want the best experience for everyone when it’s on your own turf.

Last time we went to a roleplay realm was Emerald Dream US and they were very brutal. Argent Dawn is the oldest and biggest roleplay realm on the EU side. Big realms means higher chance of trolls. On top of that we’ve been warned from several individuals that hosting the event on our favorite spot, the Cathedral, might cause additional problems of attracting these trolls. Supposedly we’d be right in their backyard.

So we went out and visited the other capitals, and can only conclude that there is a very limited number of locations that will work. It’s funny how aware of the game space you become in these circumstances – there has to be enough room, lighting has to be as close to white as possible, no mounting and within trial account reach. On Alliance side you pretty much end up with Stormwind Keep, the Cathedral or Ironforge Library to choose between.

At the same time of being nervous of how my realm will receive us, I am absolutely excited because I know that we will see some amazing stuff. I have already collected some pictures from mog-spotting, and some roleplay outfits too, which I will post tomorrow.

Proudmoore (LGBTQ) Pride Event this Saturday!

I’m a sucker for mass events in WoW.

I also find LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) issues to be important, especially due to how rampant the homophobia is, not only in WoW, but in gaming/geek culture in general.

This Saturday I get a chance to combine the two when the Proudmoore Pride Event goes off. It’s a yearly parade that has taken place since 2005, basically 8 years in a row – that is pretty impressive consistency for an in game initiative!

The event includes a duo-faction parade through the North Barrens to Ratchet to end with a party at Booty Bay. Details here.

Looking at pictures from previous years, this looks like a lot of fun!

The WoW Factor has also been invited by the organizers to host a transmog competition at 2:30 pm/server time/PST.

Judging from the size and theme of this parade, I don’t know what to expect in terms of trolling, maybe the worst? At our regular events, we almost always get trolls.

I get the impression some of them care about the competition and find joy in it, but feel the need to hide it under a layer of denial which comes out as trolling, because “it’s totally gay to dress your char up and go to a WoW fashion show“.

Others, I believe, are just bored and don’t give a damn. If it wasn’t this event they were obstructing, it would be roleplayers, or it would be messing up LFG groups, or it would be corpse camping low lvl characters, or it would be typing random crap on the forums. Regardless, the language of trolling is almost always anti-gay.

I’m thinking that since the pride parade has been carried out so many times, the organizers know what to expect, so the event will run smoothly. On the other hand, if there’s something that can bring out all the trolls, this would without doubt be their number one wet dream. But that proves the point of why the Proudmoore Pride parade has legitimacy in the first place!

Even though I’ll be there with the WoW Factor, I intend to join as much of the whole event as possible, I think it sounds like a cool initiative. LGBTQ matters seem to have only one expression in game, and that is as a slur, as a way of expressing disdain. Sometimes it’s as if the only people playing are white straight guys of varying ages, the image the industry worships. One thing is the marginalization of female players, I find any other issue to be even more invisible.

This event is a way to show hundreds of players in support, to raise awareness and to raise the visibility.

As usual I will have to attend on a trial account (as I’m an EU-player) so I’ll have to deal with the speech muzzle, but if you’re going, please whisper me to say hi! Otherwise, I’ll be the low level character dancing alone in the corner, sipping the last drops of my drink and checking the mobile phone I don’t have.

In other words, I would love to see some familiar faces!

Mog-spotting on Chamber of Aspects-EU

This is just a quick mog-spotting round. I took a few screenshots last night and a few just now.

Something is telling me that Chamber of Aspects is a low population realm, even though the status of the realm says “medium”. Last night outside of peak hours Trade district was very empty. A little more full now, but not tremendously. Maybe it’s a Horde server.

It doesn’t look like their forum was being frequented much either, so lets hope the people interested knows about the event even though they may not have read our forum post.

It looks like we might have a smaller and more cozy event tonight, I don’t mind that, smaller events are often just a lot smoother and it’s on home ground for me, our first visit to a European Server!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A Transmog-Party where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

This friday I was invited along with Noelani to judge a transmogrification competition by Keelhaul (author of Disenchanting Azeroth aka The Mogfather) on US-Tichondrius.

Originally this is an idea Keelhaul has conceptualized, funded and hosted on his own across US servers.

He has given away 1.695.000 gold in total and has been featured on PC Gamer and WoW Insider among others. A skilled auction house seller who specialize in selling gear for mogging, he’s using the gold to ramp up a party where everyone’s well-dressed – except us!

Because these events are taking place on US servers, we’ve had to make US trial accounts and cheat the game to load US servers, which of course meant we attended on measly lvl 1’s. Much to our dismay, we couldn’t talk to anyone except in whispers which had been instigated by someone else first. Emoting was our best communicative tool.

Our Alliance instantiations finding the way to the Ironforge Library.

Another downside of being EU is the bad hours! We started the event at 3 at night our time, and didn’t go to to bed until 8 in the morning because we were still too hyped to fall asleep – so crazy.

Judging outfits is both exciting but also hard, you don’t want anyone to be left out nor overlooked. Often we had to make decisions based on tiny details because people were basically wearing the same except for cloaks, weapons and pets – details that ultimately meant someone could push a price home.

Generally I love accessories, the more you can pile on, the more you can portray something, whether it’s the ultimate frost mage or the most stoic looking druid, I’m sold.

I’ll give some examples:

We gave Mãgùs the Alliance prize for “Most Unique”.

I love this outfit, he’s obviously emphasizing his frost spec, suitably using mage tier 2 Netherwind Regalia to fill the blanks. His robe, Glacial Robe, doesn’t have shoulders as part of the set, so wearing this robe requires some thoughtfulness. I like that he looks like a super bad ass ninja frost mage with his hood and the scythe makes him look even rougher.

The bear is just icing on the frost-cake, although I’m not actually sure it’s his. Nevertheless, to Mãgùs’ benefit, it makes for a great screenshot!

Here’s Mythikas. He’s what I would call a very handsome druid with his choice in mixing Heroic Stormrider’s set, Malfurion’s set and the Malorne headpiece. Furthermore, his staff is just beautiful, the cloak looks great – he appears majestic, like an archdruid.

He didn’t win a top prize but was a runner-up, however, he’s doing something I would like to introduce to WoWRoleplayGear sometime in the future – taking powerful pieces from tier gear and creating a whole new expression – a “remix”.

It’s my experience that druid tiers work especially well when doing this because you’ll find they all follow a nature theme with often brown and green hues. It’s a good tip if you really like tier gear, but still want to stand out.

The fully mogged miner above is Vavaboom. It wasn’t hard to see that she was amongst the best sets Horde side had to offer, only problem was which category she dominated the most, which in the end became “best persona”.

I really wanted to whisper Vavaboom personally and tell her she had a new fan, but of course I couldn’t, a /kneel would have to symbolize my admiration instead.

Isn’t he great! We’re looking at Vadgebendor a shiny and golden death knight perhaps undercover as a paladin. Keelhaul asked if he wanted the sign to be disregarded or not, and he decided to keep it on. Besides sporting a full Conqueror’s set, everything else matches, including the Lil’ Ragnaros in the background. He looked great and the choice to add the gimmicky Twilight Cultist sign earned him “Most Original”. He was the spice of Horde side that night, and he made us laugh.

Here’s Boxer who sadly didn’t make it further than top 20. She is a personal favourite of mine, so I’ll give her some spotlight here.

She isn’t overly flashy, yet I think she has perfected that grey metalic hunter look. She reminds me of the steampunk hunter that Dreamy created and posted on her blog Drunkard’s Regalia.

Boxer has actually mixed and matched between several sets mainly Champion’s and Bonelink, and that’s what impressed me. I know Keelhaul appreciates good weaponry, and Boxer has a simple polearm on her back, still I think this set wins in simplicity. If you go to her armory page, it becomes evident that she has an extravagant bow that really pulls her set up a rank. I don’t remember seeing the bow during the event … see what I mean about missing details and perhaps making an oversight!

An overview screenshot of the Alliance judging round, situated at the Ironforge Library, a venue that I thought supported the event structure well. (Click for full size)

An overview of the Horde judging. We started off in the middle of Orgrimmar but people on mounts block out too much space, so we moved into Garrosh' hall. I hope he appreciated the show! (Click for full size)

Rumours say the number of contestants that showed up on US-Tichondrius Horde side were the highest yet for that faction. This is the final group picture. (Click for full size)

Aaand it looks like we’ll be doing it again – US-Arthas Alliance side only on the 16th.

More about the event:

Pictures watermarked “The WoW Factor” are from Keelhaul’s winner’s gallery which shows screenshots of all the winners from both factions, lots of good mogging outfits!

On WoWRoleplayGear we also wrote a follow-up article where you can see the full list of winners and runner-ups.

Lantanasham, the author of WoW and Other Musings wrote her account of the event in her post titled Transmog-a-licious. Lantanasham and her colleague were both a great assistance to us during the event in communicating with the crowd, helping with information and handling of prize money. A big thanks goes out to both of you!