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Kamalia (et Alia!) has shared with us her impressive wardrobe spread across an equally impressive list of alts. For all the mage-fans, Kamalia certainly has you covered – her mage-alts spanning all races! … well, except tauren.

Originally posted on Kamalia et alia:

With the Mogolympics over, it was time to start posting my “Things my Characters Wear” series. I thought about doing one a day, then decided to do them in groups so that they’d all be up before the Theramore event begins next week.

Here’s the complete list, in case you missed any in the flurry:

Mages: Human and Forsaken
Mages: Sin’dorei and Kaldorei
Mages: Draenei and Troll
Mages: Gnome and Goblin
Mages: Dwarf and Orc
Mages: Worgen and Pandaren
Druid (Caster)
Rogue & Druid (Melee)
Death Knight
Monk (coming soon!)

All of these posts are listed on my main Fashion page. When I update one of these posts with a new outfit, I’ll edit its annotation and bring it to the top of the list.

I’ll probably still write full posts about outfits I’m really excited about, but I may not…

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Mog-spottting and Roleplay Gear Scouting on Argent Dawn

In just a few hours, we’re off to Argent Dawn EU with the WoW Factor (my home realm), so I’ve collected a variation of what I could find from seeing folks around and from the forums.

I chose to include both transmog and roleplay outfits, even though we can’t award a roleplay outfit any price at the event. Some people are disappointed by this, but it’s because we don’t think the grounds for a roleplay gear competition are fair. If you can wear plate, your choices are much bigger than a clothie, so we stick to transmog. It’s a shame really, because it could open up for a wider range of creativity, so I hope my gallery can shed some light on some really cool roleplay outfits here instead.

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Picture Report on the Biggest In-Game WoW Event – Proudmoore Pride

Proudmoore Pride is a yearly LGBTQ parade and one of the biggest in-game events in WoW hosted on the Proudmoore US server. I went along this year, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, this tale is best told in pictures. Below is a gallery in chronological order:

  1. The Parade
  2. The Booty Bay Party
  3. The Drag Contest
  4. The WoW Factor Show

A few remarks on trolls: There were not that many, not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be, it’s a good thing to be wrong about!

Transmogrification? I’ll be wearing “Zul’Armani”!

"Jessera's Fungus Lined Vest" & " Azure Silk Pants"

We used to call it roleplay gear, vanity gear or WoW fashion. I’m guessing new terms will arise soon – perhaps “transmogear”?

As many others, this prompted me to immediatly log in to see what I was able to put together. I know a lot of players, whether they were roleplayers or not, have kept large bank collections of old tiers, old PvP seasons, pretty robes, funny weaponry and whatever item we had a connection to.

I’ve kept a few very simple outfits for my shaman, most of which are not possible to transmogrify because they include cloth. The blue outfit to the right used to be my favourite. The vest, a Bloodmyst Isle quest reward, had its beautiful and simple texture changed with The Shattering to a generic brown and gritty leather chestpiece.

Thankfully, I farmed the old Zul’Aman before the instance was removed and got hold of some original “Zul’Armani” from there. It’s tribal, it’s rough, it really suits a shaman.

So this will probably be my transmogear in the future.

Except the shoulders are heirlooms and the original is not available any more – damnit! So I still need to find shoulders and gloves that match the rest.

Frozen Shadoweave

Moving on to my priest, my old friend, my TBC queen. I raided Black Temple and Hyjal with this character so I was expecting her bank to be packed with goodies, old designer clothes picked right off the bleeding corpse of a tier six boss.

As I was rooting around, it became clear this old personal heroine of mine had cleaned out her bags a long time ago.


And then it came back to me, the first few days of leveling through Northrend, bags filling up quickly, a cynical look through the gear collected through 1½ expansion had made me throw out her shadowweave set, the iconic profile of a shadowpriest back then. I had given up a maxed mining skill for tailoring and had spent many hours swimming around Silmyr Lake in Terokkar farming motes of water to be able to craft this set, and I had thrown all this away.

My priest now only has a few recent PvP sets to show for herself, nothing that has any particular sentimental value to me.

Maybe I should just get her the Silver-thread set, a mean staff and sneak around as the shadow of a ninja…

Elford the (former) Executive and the Ironman Challenge

Meet Elford the (former) Executive. He is participating in the WoW Ironman Challenge. Of course, he doesn’t know this himself.

This was the self-portrait Elford had hanging on the wall of his (former) office. He liked the facial expression the photographer had captured, sly and arrogant. And Elford wasn’t self decieving, everyone around him would characterize him the same. The problem was that his (former) life as part of the upper crust of the Stormwind social life, had recently crumbled under his small yet grounded feet.

Elford had spent most of his adult life as the boss of at least someone. This was important to him, likewise was money and independence important. This meant that Elford had come in contact with the Steamwheedle Cartel, where he had learned more than one trick on how to maximize one’s profit. He had started a trading company exporting various consumer goods from the Stormwind region and soon he had expanded his network to include trading with Bilgewater merchants.

Lisbeth Schneider, a prominent Stormwind tailor

He had always kept safe from transferring goods that could lead to his immideate execution, he knew not to sell Alliance war information, military equipment or spellbooks, but he also knew doing business with a Horde faction, in itself was dubious. Still he thought exporting exquisitely sewn garments from the Stormwind tailors and Trias cheese through his Bilgewater contacts and on to the nobility of Silvermoon, were safe grounds. Blood elves were easily dazzled and many were quite rich, and thus very willing to pay a good price for a few peacock feathers.

Spotted at "WoW Look Book" - Blood elves love good style, but they need a little help from an Alliance affiliate to get this shirt.

To Elford’s excitement, Stylish Black Shirts had become very popular in Silvermoon city. He was able to sell them with a ridiculously high profit and his frequent requests for new batches, made the renowned tailor Lisbeth Schneider suspicious, the only tailor to make these.

Being a strong supporter of the human forces and the Alliance faction, she wasn’t a simple tailor, but someone who had sewn extravagant clothing for captains and generals. One of her high standing customers had seen blood elves wearing these and Schneider didn’t like learning about her fine work being worn by the enemy. These shirts were her trademark so she took it personally.

Lucky for Elford, these were not matters serious enough to throw him in jail or get him executed, but Schneider pulled him to court, where he was deemed to pay everything he had earned by selling Schneiders work, back to her in “damages”.

The case had ruined Elford’s reputation as a sales man and Alliance supporter. His suppliers blacklisted him and refused to do business with him. The court had recommended that the best option for him, was to do some community service, starting in Elwynn Forest. This was not what Elford would call “good advice”. Nonetheless he was faced with the choice between going into more criminal activities, working for the Steamwheedle Cartel or simply doing what the court had said: Raising his reputation with Stormwind once more by doing menial work.

Elford was not a criminal, he didn’t like getting his hands dirty and he surely didn’t want to work under someone like himself, so starting over was the only worthy choice for a gnome of his standing. His cockyness greatly helped keeping his mood high, he didn’t mourn the loss of his fortune, but firmly believed he could earn it back quickly. Whether this was a sign of naivety or optimism is something time will tell.

"Is that a 'Rock' in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

Despite Schneider’s greedy money-grab, Elford had managed to hide his sparkly ring from the assesment of his worth. This was in itself quite impressive as the disproportionate size of this ring to such a small gnome, made this somewhat of a paradox.

Even if he was poor now, he didn’t want to look it and this ring kept his confidence up. He had the price of the ring estimated to around 25 gold, and even though it had lost much of its initial value, he wore it with pride hoping the day would never come where he would be forced to pawn it. Those 25 gold were basically everything he owned of value now.

Blood elf mage apprentice robe - From one side of the fence to the other.

When faced with the choice of what kind of training he wanted, he was utterly dumbfounded. He thought he would be put to do some paperwork and was now faced with the prospect of actual combat. He didn’t want anyone to throw punches at him and due to having a pathetic amount of muscle mass, melee was an obvious no go.

Elford had previously done business with the Kirin Tor and he remembered how they had always ordered the highest quality gowns from him. He had even sold them a stack of gold rimmed Apprentice Robes of blood elven origin once, but he knew now to keep this to himself. The noble demeanor of the Kirin Tor mages made Elford sympathetic to them.

The Kirin Tor, though, had also been notified of his ill standing, so when he approached them to gain mage tutorship, they advised him to go to Northshire Abbey and contact Khelden Bremen. No one saw in Elford the promising skills of a mage, let alone Elford himself who barely knew what this meant, so the Kirin Tor plainly sent him off to flunk somewhere out of their sight. Elford’s huge finger-ring and posh society clothing didn’t impress the mage trainer Bremen either. Elford looked, acted and essentially was a typical Stormwind tourist.

Elford insists on always looking poshElford is wearing:

Thin Cloth Armor
White Tuxedo Shirt
Patchwork Gloves
Tattered Cloth Belt
Tuxedo Pants
Thin Cloth Shoes
The Rock
Bent Staff
Long Lost Wand

Elford’s wishlist:

Noble’s Monocle
Diamond-Tipped Cane

Bremen told him that he should start looking for a simple robe suitable for his new plight, but Elford brushed this off as some silly initiation ritual. It was more important to look good and the tailor fitted set he was already wearing, was in his opinion perfectly befitting. He tried to explain about the prestigious tailor who had made his tuxedo pants, but Bremen didn’t bother arguing with him and decided to send him along to  Zaldimar Wefhellt, the trainer in Goldshire, as soon as possible.

How will Elford fare in Elwynn Forest, let alone Goldshire? Will he be able to save up some gold for later or will he immideatly spend it all on fancy apparel like a Diamond-Tipped Cane?

Can Elford even handle his new fate as a mage?

Next episode: Oh well, maybe he could put it on his CV

VisualRoleplayGear Exposure

Yesterday was one of those days where your jaw hits the desk and you drop everything you have in your hands, cause the internet surely must be lying to you! You refresh your webpage because something must be wrong, but quite the opposite was going on in our case. That was how this pretty regular wednesday started out when we were looking over the traffic to The Visual Roleplay Gear List, after we saw the stats page as pictured below.

Noelani and I were already happy with the traffic VisualRoleplayGear was getting, mainly coming from roleplay guilds linking to us on their forum, often German for some reason. Exposure was slowly going up, until June the 29th, then it went bezerk. What was usually 1.500-2.000 clicks a day suddenly looked like nothing compared to the numbers we were getting from being linked on WoW Insider’s Daily Quest, topping at 15.744 clicks (not visitors!). The visitor number is probably somewhere between the number of referrers and homepage views, that is between 1000-4000.

The project has been going for a while now, with me linking the site on the old roleplay forum back in November (2010), and throughout this time we’ve built it to contain 373 unique articles and has as of now 216.531 views all-time. Considering the amount of work we’ve put into this, we’re both glad it’s being worthwile for so many other players and that we’ve been linked at a time where we feel confident in the amount of content we’ve built so far. It’s such a force of motivation, that both of our heads are spinning with ideas and new additions to the site.

The most popular outfit on the 29th, was the Demon Hunter, which is kind of funny as it is also (almost) the hardest set to complete amongst our entire database, requiring two legendaries. We made an easier alternative though, and the comment on the article contains an even easier version available for a character lvl 30-40.

Here’s our “easy version”:

 The nomination of the hardest set to complete right now goes to “The Gamemaster”. It looks so simple and lvl 20’ish that any new player might not even recognize a gamemaster if they saw one. I’ve never seen one myself, and as far as I know, they can however choose to appear in other forms than wearing the standard GM attire.

Our latest additions have been recolors of WotLK tier gear, which you don’t often see put together to an actual set. I originally thought that those sets would be too hard to get and no one would organize runs to fx Icecrown Citadel for vanity gear, but I was wrong. At least on our server (Argent Dawn EU) you can still catch a roleplay run a couple times a week heading for Icecrown and Ulduar especially, so getting your hands on some of this stuff, is indeed feasable.

The only three recolors available in Icecrown –  priest, druid and warlock:

Ulduar on the other hand, is riddled with recolors.

Our next addition will probably be gear sets which you can only get via completing quests. There are some incredibly nice looking sets out there available at low levels by just leveling through a zone. Consider this black leather set for example, which you can collect by questing in lvl 40-5o zones. We’re looking at some of the easier sets to get, compaired to weekly runs to Icecrown.

This set also comes in a green and red version. I’m currently struggling to complete the white recolor, as it seems the pants are missing and who wants to go without pants?

Thanks for all of the support and help we’ve received so far.

Happy gear hunting!

DING! The 80-85 journey of Cataclysm

Mmm… reaching max level, it’s not something we get to do often, so it’s all about enjoying that one short second it lasts.

I leveled as an elemental shaman, and I was satisfied with the damage output and crowdcontrol, but damn… in some of the areas the mobs hit hard, and I wear mail armor and a shield, so I dread to think about leveling my shadowpriest.

In Wrath of the Lich King, the epics from Burning Crusade raiding took most people far into the content, some replaced epics with epics. This time around, it’s a proper reset. I had a mix of 264/251 and was even replacing those with greens… greens… yeah, the ones low level alts have. It’s like being royal and forced to wear a boiler suit, stained with dirt and sweat from the hard work of leveling.

I snapped a photo of my shaman right after she became level 85, just to keep a memory of the ugly gear I had at this stage of the expansion.

I guess this sums up the style of green and blue gear in Cataclysm. I was hoping for something interesting to add to roleplaygear.wordpress.com, but Vanilla gear still tops in terms of good looks. And as I’m sure you remember, greens in Lich King were exceptionally bland.

Currently I’m doing heroics, and this meant I had to reach the golden itemlevel value of 329. I was dreading the whole normal instance farming, but with a little help from wowhead I bought one inscription-crafted relic and did one questline for a better chestpiece, thus avoided farming normals altogether. I strongly encourage others to do the same. Quests, although some long-winded, will award blue gear that can take you right up to the gate of the heroics, figuratively speaking.

I completed three quest zones:

1 -Vashj’ir

Some like it, some don’t. I, myself enjoyed this zone, heavily inspired by the Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I actually read this book in school a long time ago, so I picked up on this reference (thank you old teacher).

I should say, I’m very impressed with the postal service in Azeroth. They even deliver to the underwater caves!

When you go there, pay attention to not only the big whale shark,  but also the little fish.

2 – Deepholm

I’ve heard mixed reactions to this zone. I liked it, you really get a sense of being in a hole in the ground.

It’s a very scenic descent into the underworld, so remember to visit Thrall and get your ticket down through the Maelstrom.

When you’re there, make sure to visit Therazane the Earthmother. Contrary to her name, she is not very caring and would rather have you leave.

Maybe at exalted, she’ll “soften up” and hand out cookies… who knows, she’s a stone after all.

3 – Uldum

Oh yes! Everyone had been talking about this place almost exclusively, so I didn’t hesitate. Uldum the egyptian themed zone was the final destination, and yes, it lived up to my expectations.

This zone also hosts some really good questlines. I was almost executed by Commander Schnottz, a goblin reincarnation of Hitler. His questline is one continuing reference to a lot of the big personalities and events of the Nazi regime. Definately a story worth doing.

The next questline “Gnomebliteration” have been said to be one of the funniest quests in this expansion.

My heart broke a little when I did it, all the gnomes were screaming when I burned them alive. Watching them fly around as I hit them was really comical, so I got over my heartache and played around past the thousand I had already killed. But… why this obsession with killing gnomes?

The Heroics

In Vortex Pinnacle, the dungeon located in the clouds south of Uldum, I ran into this sort of mob:

Yes, it plays dead and doesn’t attack as long as you look at it. Sneaky thing might throw a lighting bolt when you peacefully walk past it though. They are said to take some effort to kill, but no worries, this cowardly guard doesn’t drop anything of interest, so you can easily pass him if you stare him down. He’s a funny detail, although I wouldn’t want this one guarding my castle!

I remember when everyone was chanting about the hardcore ultra difficult and elite heroics of Cataclysm, when we were still storming through the WotLK heroics while watching TV, cooking, babysitting and doing the dishes at the same time. So how do they measure up now?

I did a spree yesterday with guildies and a pugged healer. The healers were all very thankful and repeatedly stated it was a nice group, and this despite us wiping a few times! I still havn’t really been pugging it much, so I can’t personally compare, but if people wiped in WotLK, either someone was going to take some abuse or people left one by one within 5 seconds. So as a comparison, heroics are harder now and some of them will kill you if you don’t know the tactics.

We even had the mage sheep! Speaks volumes doesn’t it!