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Real World Minecraft Interior Design


I couldn’t tell whether this was a real world installation of Minecraft or Tetris. Judging from the materials (wood and glass cubes etc), I’d say Minecraft!

It’s located in Japan and here’s the actual story:

“A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

The architect used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.”

via “ghost in the machine” (Tumblr)


A landscape based on an algorithm? Definitely Minecraft!

The Number One Search Term on my WoW Blog is… “Minecraft”

We found a perfectly circular cave in the side of a mountain. We stayed during the night and watched the sun move straight through the frame of the cave entrance. Moments like these feel almost religious.

This blog is mainly a WoW blog, but I just checked my search terms and this is quite disturbing. Here are the top 15 search engine hits of all time:

  1. minecraft
  2. wow rp gear
  3. creepy things in wow
  4. minecraft pig
  5. minecraft wallpaper
  6. wow roleplay gear
  7. lego minecraft game
  8. wow secret places
  9. cataclysm secrets
  10. minecraft city
  11. secret places in cataclysm
  12. secret cellar gallywix pleasure palace (This search term has its own post)
  13. cataclysm secret places
  14. lego minecraft
  15. lego minecraft games

Not only is the number one search term simply just “minecraft, half are about Minecraft. HALF! I thought this was a WoW blog, but a lot of people come here to read my old and outdated Minecraft posts. I haven’t written about Minecraft in over a year! *HAS BLOG CRISIS*

My first encounter with an NPC village. This guy has to be the priest, I met him in the village church and he looked at me with that “have you been bad today?” look.

I do actually intend to write about Minecraft again, I love that game. My idea is to do a perma-death world where I go and live with the villagers as an anthropologist, trying to understand their culture from within. The posts would consists of these diary-like recordings of my day and what happened at the village. The storyline would end the day I died.

I’ve had this idea for a while now, but I’ve been short on time to put it into action. WoW players know how time consuming WoW can be, Minecraft is the same. Suddenly you’re sitting there red eyed in the middle of the night, you needed to go to bed hours ago, but damn, you are having so much fun!

Maybe I need to embrace the Minecraft side of my blog more and get started on that NPC Village Anthropology project soon! Time is short, but one day it will happen.

Previous Storylines in Chronological Order

This is an overview page made to help putting the various posts, that have a storyline, in order.

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This game is all about me – me me me!


The Farmville Letters

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This game is all about me – me me me!

Dear Minecraft

I’m writing you to tell you about what a great time we’re having together. Although you’re very quiet, or well… you’re basically completely silent, this is not a bad thing. I have a history of playing the games that let me decide precicely what will happen, I might even prefer it this way.

We plan out all these projects together, or well… I plan them and you listen. Then we build them.. or well, I build them and you watch. In fact when we’re together, I do all the talking.

This game is all about me – me me me.

Every block I break up to put down again, makes it mine – mine mine mine.

There’s one thing that concerns me though. There might come a time, where I run out of things to say, become exhausted and uninspired, and you will not be able to carry on the conversation on your own. I know this day will come eventually, and right now, I wish it never would. But I know that day will be the day you go from being the attentive and non-judgemental friend I adore, to just kind of boring.

Don’t worry, there’s a difference between boring and forgettable, you’re only the former. I promise the time we spent together will be framed in all the screenshots and videos I took:

Right now, I’ll close my eyes and play like our friendship will last forever.

Your blissfully ignorant friend

- Ironyca Lee

Art and Bragging in Minecraft

I’ve jokingly called Minecraft the brag game, based on the fact I feel so proud of my creations within this game world that I really want to show it off. Contrary to especially GTA III, where I preferred watching someone else play at a safe distance, the role of the spectator was less appealing in this game – here I wanted an audience.

Forums and video sharing sites, such as Youtube are both a Mecca for spreading the creativity and ingenious installations and constructions of the Minecraft players. They range from massive architectural buildings to sculptures and cunning engineering installments, for me, cementing the fact that art can thrive in virtual worlds, contrived by people who perhaps wouldn’t even identify themselves as artists.

The creations of the players are also tales of labour, planning and often longevity that people not playing Minecraft probably wouldn’t derive from the videos and screenshots. However, some people use an editor and bypass being an embodied constructor when building some of the conceptions below, so the stories of labour embedded in the creations, are not always of the same endeavour.

I would roughly put the creations into six categories:

  • Constructions
  • Pixel Art
  • Landscaping
  • Installations
  • Transportation and Movement
  • Events and Performance Acts


Often arcitectural buildings, but also sculptures.

The number 1 winner of the Minecraft fan art contest on Worth 1000 featuring the Hungarian Parliament. It’s so big you can’t even see the individual blocks when fitting the whole building into the frame.

Perspective really becomes tangible with this sculpture called “The Hopper”.

“The ancient Golem” –  winner of Abstract Art on Worth 1000.

I think this Escher piece is also worthy of notice.


Pixel Art

The blocks can be used to create flat images using the principle of pixelation.

If the piece is big enough, the pixelation effect is barely detectable, as is the case with the image underneath. This image shows the winner of Worth 1000’s Minecraft Pixel Art Characters contest (They included 3D, which I would categorize under constructions as sculptures though).

It’s made from a total of 218,505 blocks … remember what I said about planning, longevity and labour?



It’s a tricky one ’cause the game conjures beautiful landscapes on it’s own prior to the player even crafting a pick axe. However working with the landscape itself to mold it to ones wishes, is so integral to anything built in Minecraft, so I felt like it deserved its own category.

“Mountainous Desert”

I found this picture after I had begun working on my own project “The Mother Tree”. Slightly disheartnening as my tree is much smaller, but this is nonetheless also a great example of landscaping.

Underground landscaping here done by using explosives.



Minecraft has an in-built electrical circuit system, which basically enables you to build a computer within the game out of a number of compounds.

For example you can build a music box, although you need to Dj it too.

Or hand out free cake of karma to random passerby’s.


Transportation and Movement

This includes waterslides, rollercoasters and intercontinental railways:

And the video underneath… a skydive, which I didn’t even knew existed until just now, is just crazy. I think you need a sort of map generator to do this, as the default map size is only 128 blocks in vertical height, which is not long enough to sustain a fall of this scale (approx. 512).


Events and Performance Acts

I’d put, for example, explosions in general under this category. Blowing up a creeper symbolically is probably something every Minecraft player can get a vindictive satisfaction from watching.


I joined the crowds when I recorded and uploaded my own tree house to Youtube. I did this with pride, even though my work is just an ant when posing next to the giants above. This game gave me a real sense of accomplishment and I needed to share this with the world. This was one of the reasons I toyed with the notion of wanting visitors in the single player mode, when in the multiplayer mode, my fellow crafters were audience enough.

Ps: If you’ve found something that completely falls outside of the six categories, I’d love to hear about it!

It Turned Out the House Belonged to “ALIEN”

Dear Minecraft

As you know, there was something unmistakable about the sign on the wall in the mysterious house. Although it wasn’t written in caps, which would have been an immediate give away, a voice in the back of my head (I have a good portion of those now) told me this was one of the moon constructors.

So the next day I told this guy that I knew who had put the signs up. He listened with interest, as he had before whenever I shared with him news in the case but confronted with my suspicion, he didn’t flinch an inch.

Not until after the three week period of Minecraft play was officially over, did my hard pressure tactics (or the lack thereof) yield a result: It was the moon constructor after all who had sieged the opportunity to prompt some drama.

However, he had not built this house. Instead he enclosed that he knew who had and I urged him to let me know. It turned out the house belonged to “ALIEN”. I was never graced with the opportunity of meeting alien on our server myself, but apparently some of the others had actually encountered such a being and lived to tell the tale. Quoting our teacher (source):

“It was a lot of fun being in the world with the rest of the class today.  The most interesting part of the day was seeing an ALIEN (someone from another class) in the underground warren me and Chris were doing up and felt this surge of territorial fervour rise up.  The Alien got twacked over and over again.  Sadly, our warren was located right by the spawn point so he just kept coming back to knock holes in our wonderful hole and steal our stuff.  Much time was spent chasing after said alien (pointlessly).”

Well done for spotting an alien, they look so much like the rest of us, if they weren’t completely identical.

Later that week I attended a party, chatted with different people and since Minecraft at the time had had an impact on everyone in the entire year group, it was a natural point of conversation. One of the programmers, the guy that was nice to me regarding Portal, told me about being ganked over and over again on our server. He had been unable to speak to the gankers, as he was killed before he could type anything meaningful, eventually he had become pissed off and as a result effectively griefed back.

And a night of miniature havoc played out on our otherwise peaceful server:

“At some point alien got inside and started chopping down our One Tree (a tree chris planted inside the cave right by a little underground stream AND a pool of lava).  Chris decided to divert the lava into the warren and have us abandon it.By the time the lava got anywhere close to the bottom floor alien had gotten fed up and logged off”

The alien was kicked off the server afterwards and had apparently, before running into the gankers, built this little house on the island in the lake. Poor alien, I could tell he had spent a good portion of time nestling, and now he was exiled from this world.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the reasoning behind the house being so hidden, was that alien knew he was an alien, and that aliens usually get killed, especially in video games.

Your detective friend

- Ironyca Lee

I Hope this isn’t the Resident of the House Visiting

Dear Minecraft

I answered the previous message by putting a sign next to it saying “We’re roommates. Did you forget?” Well… I’m not sure I want to meet the resident any longer after this:

I put the sign up afterwards saying “I moved out. You can visit at the Sand Castle”. I thought it was best to move out quickly, and it feels better to build your own, it’s part of the fun.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to contribute with, when I entered the multiplayer. I already mentioned some of the other’s projects and especially the moon prospect made me realize, that I couldn’t impress by size. Perhaps I should focus on sleek design and function instead, and thus the planning of the Sand Castle was conceived.

Okay, I never plan anything when I make stuff, be it IRL or in Minecraft. I lose myself in what I’m doing so I took it one block at a time. The vague idea of a sand castle was all I started out with, and quickly it shaped itself up to not be a castle, but a temple. A temple of recurring death.

As in WoW, you can die in Minecraft – repeatedly. Looking at games in general, we all probably die more than we kill, a completely overlooked fact by the people who look at games as influences of violence. We are just as much facing our own demises as we put others through theirs. The temple was a place for us to honor our own deaths, and perhaps thus indirectly our lives.

It might look like an overkill of interpretation, but when the slate is as clean as it is in Minecraft, it’s your invitation to fill it out, to come up with your own meaning and stories, and this was mine.

I spent a few more nights in the house, but went back to the shore of the lake, where the foundation to my temple was laid. I worked during the day time, and as I grew bolder, also during night time. Thankfully I had no creeper accidents, mostly because I would run towards them and make them detonate at a distance from the building. I sacrificed a lot for my temple, and thus I rightfully became the servant.

The upper floor has a fountain at the far end and a chest left of the door. The servant makes sure there’s always torches in the chest for the visitors to light up for the times they’ve died.

The wall on the left side of the temple has an almost hidden staircase down into the servant’s private chamber and mine (you almost always find a mine even when doing miniscule digging). The upper floor denotes the public space of my temple, the servant has her private room in the basement. The question was though, would the others percieve it the same way?

Even though I was a humble servant, I gave myself more than ascetic surroundings, I guess this is the perk of also being the constructor. I had everything I needed – except for access to my bed one late night.

Uh… I hope this isn’t the resident of the house visiting… sleeping in MY bed!

Your spooked out friend

- Ironyca Lee