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Strategy Guide to Winning the 2048 Game

I finally beat the 2048 game!

I had to keep playing last night after I first discovered the game. And when I had also chosen to blog about it, I now had to prove I could reach the 2048 tile.

If you don’t know this browser game, here’s a short intro post I wrote about it, or just go ahead and play 2048 right now!


After you reach the 2048 tile, the game will allow you to keep playing. Which of course I did! I didn’t make it far enough to get a 4096 tile, but it is possible!

The truth is, even though I felt addicted to the game, it didn’t bore me and I happily continued. When I lost, I didn’t get annoyed at myself or the game. Every time I beat my highscore, I just got even more excited. So all in all, if I had to feel really obsessed about a puzzle game, this was the perfect one.

Now on to the strategy!

I followed a few principles, and they are listed here in order of importance.


Don’t push the right key (unless it’s your only viable move).

  • 1: Choose to move your blocks in only 3 directions.

I never touched the right key, and thus, my blocks never moved all the way to the right. This keeps the big numbers along the left wall, and you can then merge your blocks moving further backwards to the left.

As you can see, it may not stay perfect. But don’t worry, it almost always sorts itself out.

Do not fall for the temptation to press the fourth key! (Unless you are at the very end and you will win doing it).

You might run into a situation where you have no choice but to press the fourth key (see picture above). But your game is not lost. It might mess it up a little, but keep going according to plan.

  • 2: Prioritize merging left.

Using the left key to merge blocks, is better than up or down (if you choose to not use the right key, as described in step 1).

It keeps the bigger numbers closer to your back wall to the left, and you’ll also avoid too many smaller numbers crowding your right side area.

  • 3: Do not panic if your board starts to fill up.

It looks crowded, but look, there’s a path!

It will happen, just keep your focus on where there is a merge-path. Start eyeing up the 8′s and aim to merge your 4′s and 2′s into it.

Often you’ll be able to move your blocks along a whole path towards the left – merging bigger and bigger numbers. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find your free space much more open again.

My Highscore: 25.036

Closing notes

This is not a guaranteed way to win, it’s a strategy that will enable you to get big scores and eventually win. The computer will mostly pop 2′s, but it might also pop a 4, and they appear in a random free slot. These two random elements mean that not two games will be the same, yet you will win if you persist!

I was hoping I was the only person having figured out this trick, but no. There is another strategy which is very similar: Yahoo! Finance. The author Peter Spence recommends keeping the biggest number in one corner. As you can see in the first picture, I didn’t do that, I just kept my highest tiles to the left at whatever position. Either will do I’m sure.

Yet again, credit goes to Gabriele Cirulli for creating this game.

Have fun playing!

Fun Browser Game: Can you get the 2048 tile?

Check out this fun, but very addictive, little browser game. If you’re bored of Bubbleshooter, this is your new drug!

2048 game

How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one with double the value.

The goal: Merge the tiles until you get a tile with the value of 2048.

Click this link to play in your browser.

I’ve spent at least a couple of hours playing, and I think I’ve found a guiding principle for how to do it. I just need a little luck and a little more patience. I still haven’t achieved a 1024 tile though.

It’s a perfect format for an app game, but some of the versions I found had ads in them, and I’d rather pay for my games. However, this seems like an alternative: Google play. It’s a webview that loads the locally stored HTML files of the original game, so you can play without internet connection, and there are no ads. I haven’t tried downloading it yet though.

Credit to Gabriele Cirulli for making the 2048 game! http://gabrielecirulli.com/

Are PvP Pet Battles Determined by Skill or Luck?

If you do pet battles, I bet you too grind your teeth when some of your big hits miss – I get nervous every time I do a lift-off or burrow – for an 80% hit chance, those spells sure do raise my tension.

But which is the biggest factor in winning a pet-battle fight? Skill or Luck?

Some games have the skill of the player at the center, say chess. You are not going to win at chess against someone who is a lot more skilled than you. Then we have, say, rock paper scissors. Can you be so skilled at rock paper scissors that you can curb off any opponent?


How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time” by Nathan Yau (creative commons)

Okay, so I guess you can, but you get my point: Skill and luck are two factors influencing the outcome depending on what kind of game you’re playing.

The pet battle forums have a good portion of posts up at the moment about miss chances being too dominant in fights. The point of adding a miss chance is both to allow a variance in “filler” damage abilities (bite/claw/peck etc) so that higher damage is also coupled with higher risk, but also it’s meant to make fights unpredictable to such a degree that no one can calculate the end result.

But the complaint is currently that a hit or miss can determine the entire fight. These are some examples that comes to mind:

  • I have had people flee after about 2-3 rounds if one of their big hits didn’t go through.
  • I’ve also had someone hit every single time, despite effects that increase miss chance were being applied over and over (f.x. blind)
  • I’ve had someone miss against me 3 times in a row while in a sandstorm that they themselves put up (I admit, since it was an Anubisath Idol, I felt like they deserved it).
  • I’ve had someone miss against me 7 times in total during an entire fight. I felt bad for them.
  • I’ve missed on a killing blow so many times, I’ve had someone else miss on a killing blow, then I missed on my killing blow, and then they finally killed me. So close!

Right now I also think miss chances are too volatile. When pets sometimes only survive for 4-5 rounds, sometimes less, a miss can be equal to missing 25% of the damage you deal against another pet. Naturally this doesn’t occur all the time, but the point is, that when it does, it can make or break the game.

You could add that being matched against a team that is strong against you is also being unlucky. (I actually enjoy this factor and fight on even when my odds at winning are unrealistic. I guess I’m trying to be a good sport)

I don’t consider my game design skills to be all that magnificent, but my best suggestion right now is to only change health pools, so that missing a hit is less devastating. The problem would be that it would lengthen the time of the average fight. In the wild it currently takes me 1-2 minutes to kill the team, in PvP perhaps 5-10 minutes depending on how often you meet a Crawdad *grumbles*. It would also have implications for scaling in certain PvE encounters, e.g. Fable Beasts. Since pet battles are meant to be casual (=quick) this might not be a viable idea.

Perhaps the RNG factor is just really bothersome for me: When I win, I can feel really good about it if I really controlled the fight, but I can also feel bad if they missed a lot (see the above examples). Did I win because of skill or luck? When can I really own my victories? – I can’t always tell. Sometimes being lucky robs me of that, and sometimes being unlucky robs me of the feeling that the fight was fair to begin with.

I also think we’re more prone to remember the pivotal fights and thus overestimate how frequently missing really matters. Often I would just have won/lost less convincingly, but that’s it.

As in the rock paper scissors guide above, skill in pet battles is about qualified guesses at the next move of your opponent, and believe me, at least I am getting really good at handling Kun-Lai Runts in the opposing team!

Ps: Blizzard, please I beg you, change the background music that plays when you enter a pet battle to something more calming and pleasant!