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Real World Minecraft Interior Design


I couldn’t tell whether this was a real world installation of Minecraft or Tetris. Judging from the materials (wood and glass cubes etc), I’d say Minecraft!

It’s located in Japan and here’s the actual story:

“A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

The architect used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.”

via “ghost in the machine” (Tumblr)


A landscape based on an algorithm? Definitely Minecraft!

Mog-spottting and Roleplay Gear Scouting on Argent Dawn

In just a few hours, we’re off to Argent Dawn EU with the WoW Factor (my home realm), so I’ve collected a variation of what I could find from seeing folks around and from the forums.

I chose to include both transmog and roleplay outfits, even though we can’t award a roleplay outfit any price at the event. Some people are disappointed by this, but it’s because we don’t think the grounds for a roleplay gear competition are fair. If you can wear plate, your choices are much bigger than a clothie, so we stick to transmog. It’s a shame really, because it could open up for a wider range of creativity, so I hope my gallery can shed some light on some really cool roleplay outfits here instead.

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Cataclysm Gear Journeys – Then and Now

There’s a few memes out there right now, but one of them flagged a little project of mine which I had to re-conceptualize when Transmogrification came out. Vidyala wrote an article on Manalicious titled “Then and Now” about comparing an old screenshot of your character to a new one, and this had me look at my old project again.

When Cataclysm went live, I decided to take a screenshot every time there was a change in my characters’ gear. Every expansion has a certain aesthetic and I wanted to capture the aesthetic of Cataclysm-gear. I thought of the changing look of my characters as a “gear Journey”.

There’s a good chance, that if you leveled through Outland pre-mogging, you will have suffered a mild trauma from being forced to look like a harlekin clown for 12 levels straight. Since Outland, leveling gear is more uniform, but often also a smudge of brown and grey. Regardless it’s still fun to see the changes as you move from a scrappy looking lvl 81 to a nicely matching raiding set at 85. It tells a very “material” story about what you did and where you’d been with your character.

Of course then mogging came out and it’s no longer required that we wear our fighting equipment. We can now fight in our ball gowns!

So the gear journey I was hoping to capture ended, but a new began. Surely we’ll all keep reassembling our mogging sets too, as we gain more clothing, new gadgets and weaponry.

Therefore here’s the Cataclysm gear journey of a few of my characters, short as it is. Besides the mogging sets, there’s also a few of my vanity sets that are sadly not moggable, but part of my collection anyhow.