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Real World Minecraft Interior Design


I couldn’t tell whether this was a real world installation of Minecraft or Tetris. Judging from the materials (wood and glass cubes etc), I’d say Minecraft!

It’s located in Japan and here’s the actual story:

“A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

The architect used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.”

via “ghost in the machine” (Tumblr)


A landscape based on an algorithm? Definitely Minecraft!

The Number One Search Term on my WoW Blog is… “Minecraft”

We found a perfectly circular cave in the side of a mountain. We stayed during the night and watched the sun move straight through the frame of the cave entrance. Moments like these feel almost religious.

This blog is mainly a WoW blog, but I just checked my search terms and this is quite disturbing. Here are the top 15 search engine hits of all time:

  1. minecraft
  2. wow rp gear
  3. creepy things in wow
  4. minecraft pig
  5. minecraft wallpaper
  6. wow roleplay gear
  7. lego minecraft game
  8. wow secret places
  9. cataclysm secrets
  10. minecraft city
  11. secret places in cataclysm
  12. secret cellar gallywix pleasure palace (This search term has its own post)
  13. cataclysm secret places
  14. lego minecraft
  15. lego minecraft games

Not only is the number one search term simply just “minecraft, half are about Minecraft. HALF! I thought this was a WoW blog, but a lot of people come here to read my old and outdated Minecraft posts. I haven’t written about Minecraft in over a year! *HAS BLOG CRISIS*

My first encounter with an NPC village. This guy has to be the priest, I met him in the village church and he looked at me with that “have you been bad today?” look.

I do actually intend to write about Minecraft again, I love that game. My idea is to do a perma-death world where I go and live with the villagers as an anthropologist, trying to understand their culture from within. The posts would consists of these diary-like recordings of my day and what happened at the village. The storyline would end the day I died.

I’ve had this idea for a while now, but I’ve been short on time to put it into action. WoW players know how time consuming WoW can be, Minecraft is the same. Suddenly you’re sitting there red eyed in the middle of the night, you needed to go to bed hours ago, but damn, you are having so much fun!

Maybe I need to embrace the Minecraft side of my blog more and get started on that NPC Village Anthropology project soon! Time is short, but one day it will happen.

This game is all about me – me me me!

Dear Minecraft

I’m writing you to tell you about what a great time we’re having together. Although you’re very quiet, or well… you’re basically completely silent, this is not a bad thing. I have a history of playing the games that let me decide precicely what will happen, I might even prefer it this way.

We plan out all these projects together, or well… I plan them and you listen. Then we build them.. or well, I build them and you watch. In fact when we’re together, I do all the talking.

This game is all about me – me me me.

Every block I break up to put down again, makes it mine – mine mine mine.

There’s one thing that concerns me though. There might come a time, where I run out of things to say, become exhausted and uninspired, and you will not be able to carry on the conversation on your own. I know this day will come eventually, and right now, I wish it never would. But I know that day will be the day you go from being the attentive and non-judgemental friend I adore, to just kind of boring.

Don’t worry, there’s a difference between boring and forgettable, you’re only the former. I promise the time we spent together will be framed in all the screenshots and videos I took:

Right now, I’ll close my eyes and play like our friendship will last forever.

Your blissfully ignorant friend

- Ironyca Lee