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The 10 Best 2048 Spin Off Games

These are my 10 favourite derivatives of the 2048 browser game. Some of them are upping the challenge, some of them are just meant for laughs.

If you don’t know this browser game, here’s a short intro post I wrote about it, and here’s my strategy guide on how to reach the 2048 tile. Or just go ahead and play the original 2048 right now!

Something going viral is basically a case study in creativity exploding online, especially as this game is open source! So lets look at the related games people have created based on Gabriele Cirulli’s original 2048.



DOGE2048 is a good example of the many meme-styled derivatives you’ll find.

They are mostly just reskins, which means the underlying game mechanic is the same. Despite this, I played this one to see what the next DOGE would look like.


HN Plays 2048 aka Collaborative 2048

36 people were playing 2048 when I checked in. Based on a highscore of 15024, they were close to getting 2048, but didn’t make it.


2048 Multiplayer

Oh lord! I'm the one of the left.

Oh lord! I’m the one of the left.

Even though it’s called “multiplayer”, it’s actually just a 2-player version. You play against someone random, and the one who reaches 2048 first wins.

The person I was fighting was extremely fast. Fast to the point of perhaps being AI controlled. I clumsily kept going expecting to be beaten very soon, however, McSpeedy Pants locked him/her/itself up and I ended up winning with the score of 920.

Click below to see the remaining seven games.

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Strategy Guide to Winning the 2048 Game

I finally beat the 2048 game!

I had to keep playing last night after I first discovered the game. And when I had also chosen to blog about it, I now had to prove I could reach the 2048 tile.

If you don’t know this browser game, here’s a short intro post I wrote about it, or just go ahead and play 2048 right now!


After you reach the 2048 tile, the game will allow you to keep playing. Which of course I did! I didn’t make it far enough to get a 4096 tile, but it is possible!

The truth is, even though I felt addicted to the game, it didn’t bore me and I happily continued. When I lost, I didn’t get annoyed at myself or the game. Every time I beat my highscore, I just got even more excited. So all in all, if I had to feel really obsessed about a puzzle game, this was the perfect one.

Now on to the strategy!

I followed a few principles, and they are listed here in order of importance.


Don’t push the right key (unless it’s your only viable move).

  • 1: Choose to move your blocks in only 3 directions.

I never touched the right key, and thus, my blocks never moved all the way to the right. This keeps the big numbers along the left wall, and you can then merge your blocks moving further backwards to the left.

As you can see, it may not stay perfect. But don’t worry, it almost always sorts itself out.

Do not fall for the temptation to press the fourth key! (Unless you are at the very end and you will win doing it).

You might run into a situation where you have no choice but to press the fourth key (see picture above). But your game is not lost. It might mess it up a little, but keep going according to plan.

  • 2: Prioritize merging left.

Using the left key to merge blocks, is better than up or down (if you choose to not use the right key, as described in step 1).

It keeps the bigger numbers closer to your back wall to the left, and you’ll also avoid too many smaller numbers crowding your right side area.

  • 3: Do not panic if your board starts to fill up.

It looks crowded, but look, there’s a path!

It will happen, just keep your focus on where there is a merge-path. Start eyeing up the 8’s and aim to merge your 4’s and 2’s into it.

Often you’ll be able to move your blocks along a whole path towards the left – merging bigger and bigger numbers. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find your free space much more open again.

My Highscore: 25.036

Closing notes

This is not a guaranteed way to win, it’s a strategy that will enable you to get big scores and eventually win. The computer will mostly pop 2’s, but it might also pop a 4, and they appear in a random free slot. These two random elements mean that not two games will be the same, yet you will win if you persist!

I was hoping I was the only person having figured out this trick, but no. There is another strategy which is very similar: Yahoo! Finance. The author Peter Spence recommends keeping the biggest number in one corner. As you can see in the first picture, I didn’t do that, I just kept my highest tiles to the left at whatever position. Either will do I’m sure.

Yet again, credit goes to Gabriele Cirulli for creating this game.

Have fun playing!

Fun Browser Game: Can you get the 2048 tile?

Check out this fun, but very addictive, little browser game. If you’re bored of Bubbleshooter, this is your new drug!

2048 game

How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one with double the value.

The goal: Merge the tiles until you get a tile with the value of 2048.

Click this link to play in your browser.

I’ve spent at least a couple of hours playing, and I think I’ve found a guiding principle for how to do it. I just need a little luck and a little more patience. I still haven’t achieved a 1024 tile though.

It’s a perfect format for an app game, but some of the versions I found had ads in them, and I’d rather pay for my games. However, this seems like an alternative: Google play. It’s a webview that loads the locally stored HTML files of the original game, so you can play without internet connection, and there are no ads. I haven’t tried downloading it yet though.

Credit to Gabriele Cirulli for making the 2048 game!

The Matrix Unfolding Inside my Computer Game

Meet Bruce and Madeline!

They are both playable robot sims in my Sims 3 neighborhood and have made quite the stir already.

Bruce and Madeline

This picture shows Bruce and Madeline mid-conversation.

Simbots can be purchased using the lifetime happiness points of one of your human sims. They become a member of your household and are meant to keep your sim company.

But Bruce is a total dick! If I leave him wandering around public lots, he will usually get into arguments with other sims. Once he broke someones’ laptop and then just ate it in front of them (he can eat junk as food – literally). He has also managed to kiss both Madeline and his other female roommate Maya and now they both have a crush on him! Would it surprise you if I said his lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy (and thus dead) spouse?

His traits are:

  1. Inappropriate
  2. Childish
  3. Hydrophobic
  4. Mean spirited
  5. Evil

Yeah, Bruce is just a total dick.

Madeline is the exact opposite, her traits are:

  1. Brave
  2. Ambitious
  3. Great kisser
  4. Hydrophobic
  5. Slob

She wants to become an astronaut.

Currently they both live with the sims who bought them: tech-savvy brother and sister Cee and Maya. But the question is whether these simbots will be satisfied with a life as someone else’s sidekick. I think The Matrix might unfold inside my computer game.


Cee and Maya in their house. Cee looks like he may have sensed the upcoming rebellion….

I didn’t design Bruce and Madeline, I didn’t choose their personality traits. These are randomized whenever a simbot is purchased. But since these two robots are such characters, I felt like I found a hook, something interesting could happen here.

Here are the rules for me playing my Sims 3 neighborhood from now on:

  • Aging – ON (this means sims will eventually grow old and DIE)
  • Free will – ON (If I don’t prompt them, sims will find stuff to do on their own)
  • Story progression – ON (Sims can move in and out of the neighborhood, they can get married and have kids. Basically it keeps the neighborhood alive and balanced – stuff happens to your sims even when you’re busy playing another sim)
  • Whatever happens, happens. No reloading of a previous save.
  • Follow the wishes of the sim, letting them be as authentic as possible to who they are.
  • Let their free will dictate their choices sometimes.
The Sims 3 user interface, here with Bruce selected.

The Sims 3 user interface, here with Bruce selected.

Letting the game have a life of its own

I used to play The Sims as a commanding officer running a military unit. Nothing was left to happen at random, there was an end goal with the sims I had created, and I would make sure they would reach it whatever it took. I’ve now let go of my tiger-mom-syndrome and have learned to appreciate events that occur without me dictating them. Letting my sims go through important milestones in their little sim lives without me being there, is provoking to me, but nothing exciting happens under that model of play either. So in a way, this is also an exercise for me to let go of the things (and sims) I care about, in order for them to be more free, dynamic and surprising.

What if Madeline never becomes an astronaut and has a happy fulfilling life? I would hate that, but that is the risk associated with this new play style. Part of me also find it deviously intriguing to see what Bruce will do, and what he will want me to do.

Real World Minecraft Interior Design


I couldn’t tell whether this was a real world installation of Minecraft or Tetris. Judging from the materials (wood and glass cubes etc), I’d say Minecraft!

It’s located in Japan and here’s the actual story:

“A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

The architect used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.”

via “ghost in the machine” (Tumblr)


A landscape based on an algorithm? Definitely Minecraft!

The Number One Search Term on my WoW Blog is… “Minecraft”

We found a perfectly circular cave in the side of a mountain. We stayed during the night and watched the sun move straight through the frame of the cave entrance. Moments like these feel almost religious.

This blog is mainly a WoW blog, but I just checked my search terms and this is quite disturbing. Here are the top 15 search engine hits of all time:

  1. minecraft
  2. wow rp gear
  3. creepy things in wow
  4. minecraft pig
  5. minecraft wallpaper
  6. wow roleplay gear
  7. lego minecraft game
  8. wow secret places
  9. cataclysm secrets
  10. minecraft city
  11. secret places in cataclysm
  12. secret cellar gallywix pleasure palace (This search term has its own post)
  13. cataclysm secret places
  14. lego minecraft
  15. lego minecraft games

Not only is the number one search term simply just “minecraft, half are about Minecraft. HALF! I thought this was a WoW blog, but a lot of people come here to read my old and outdated Minecraft posts. I haven’t written about Minecraft in over a year! *HAS BLOG CRISIS*

My first encounter with an NPC village. This guy has to be the priest, I met him in the village church and he looked at me with that “have you been bad today?” look.

I do actually intend to write about Minecraft again, I love that game. My idea is to do a perma-death world where I go and live with the villagers as an anthropologist, trying to understand their culture from within. The posts would consists of these diary-like recordings of my day and what happened at the village. The storyline would end the day I died.

I’ve had this idea for a while now, but I’ve been short on time to put it into action. WoW players know how time consuming WoW can be, Minecraft is the same. Suddenly you’re sitting there red eyed in the middle of the night, you needed to go to bed hours ago, but damn, you are having so much fun!

Maybe I need to embrace the Minecraft side of my blog more and get started on that NPC Village Anthropology project soon! Time is short, but one day it will happen.

Frozen in Porcelain


Ooh, I get to reblog myself!

I wrote this post about bringing WoW characters into a 3D modeling program, re-skinning them and hopefully also in the future posing them, as a contributing author on “I Rez Therefore I Am”, a virtual world blog. I feel like a virtual studio photographer when making these 3ds Max renders, it’s a lot of fun.

Check it out if you want to see a few WoW characters in a whole new way, outside of their natural habitat.

Originally posted on I Rez Therefore I Am:

Human female from WoW reinterpreted in 3ds Max

About 3 weeks ago, I handed in my 3D character Carl Fredricksen from “Up”. I didn’t expect 3ds Max to stick with me, I thought I would leave 3D modeling behind, but the prospect of importing other characters I knew, characters/avatars from WoW, and deconstructing them, seeing them in a new light, meant that I’m still occasionally fiddling with the program.

The picture above is a human female with the bun hairdo. I stripped her naked i.e. I took away her original texture. I gave her a glossy crystal material as hair instead. Her skin has a white slightly matte surface. As the rendered picture show she doesn’t smooth that well, but the result of that import error is still quite interesting. Our avatars are made up of polygons, little faces that all combine into a larger mesh. They are normally…

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