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Real World Minecraft Interior Design


I couldn’t tell whether this was a real world installation of Minecraft or Tetris. Judging from the materials (wood and glass cubes etc), I’d say Minecraft!

It’s located in Japan and here’s the actual story:

“A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

The architect used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.”

via “ghost in the machine” (Tumblr)


A landscape based on an algorithm? Definitely Minecraft!

Headers – Azeroth

I thought I would share my stash of images with whoever could use them. If you wish to use them on your blog header or just in a post, be my guest. I don’t consider myself to have any particluar ownership over these headers, they are afterall just screenshots from within the game.

Most of them are snapped by me, some dating back to when I ran through the pre-Cataclysmic world in a desperate attempt to capture how everything looked before it was changed forever. I chose 1 iconic picture from each zone and put the whole thing together in the video “One Picture Each Zone” and a lot of these pictures have been recycled here.

There might also be a few images from the screenshot collection on Battlenet, WoW Insiders galleries and World of Screenshots, which I also recommend if you need any pictures.

I intend to expand upon the collection with more headers and later also interesting screenshots with a more balanced format.

The headers are 990 x 180 pixel, some of them have been (mildly) edited, some are eau naturel. Click to view them in full size.

All credit to Nebdaar for the ones below, which I just cropped. His/her screenshot collection, including panoramic pictures, is definitely worth a look!