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Pandaria Secrets and Hidden Locations – The Secret Aerie

Pandaria has a lot to offer when it comes to secrets and hidden locations. One of them, “Riches of Pandaria“, I interpret as a recognition of exploration as a play style by Blizzard. Some of these treasures are placed slightly off track – finding The Hammer of Folly near the Black Market Auction House, for example, will also reward you with a great view over Western Jade Forest.

Last night I found a great hidden location. I had noticed when traveling through the Ancient Passage to Kun-Lai Summit, that the tunnel had several offbeat tracks. So I came back later on a level 90 character to see where they lead.

The Secrat Aerie pandaria map

And it leads to The Secret Aerie! You can see the tunnel symbols on the map of The Veiled Stair below showing the Ancient Passage entry and the Secret Aerie exit.

The Veiled Stair

When you come out of the tunnel, you’ll stand in front of a small shallow lake. There’s a boat and a small shrine, but not much to see otherwise, except the strong pink hue of the area.

Secret Aerie Tunnel

From the lake, you’ll see bamboo bridges leading upwards. This means it is theoretically possible to get there by land mount, but this path and the surrounding mountain pillars are populated with quite a few hostile level 90 sprites.

At the top, there’s two village houses and a Hawk Trainer working on a boat with his hawk supervising.

building a boat people in the sky

Why on earth this guy, being a “People of the Sky”, is building a boat at this location, is a riddle to me!

Another peculiarity of this place, is what you’ll find inside one of the houses.

people in the sky dog

Two hawkmasters, a gryphon hatchling flying in a circle and Hoggle, the pug and its prize-sized poo! I mean, I assume it’s the dog who did it, although it is a rather large poo for such a small dog…

So for your own sake, run out of there! Proceed to the area behind the house. Here you’ll find another unnamed hawk trainer, perhaps practicing a special trick with his hawk circling him.

balancing hawk trainer

Continue on to the cave that you can see to the right in the picture above. This is where you’ll find Hawk Master Liu standing in the center of the cave with a flock of hawks flying above him.

Hawkmaster Liu

This guy will actually talk to you! When I spoke to him he just said “Welcome Ironyca. We have been watching you for some time. You are a gust of wind that heralds the storm of change.” Another one of those stalky NPC’s…

On Wowhead you can read that if you have finished the quests in Townlong Steppes and thus met Hawkmaster Nurong, he will instead say: “Word reaches me you served with my brother in Townlong Steppes. How is the young fellow? Did he ever tell you how he lost his eye?

There’s one more thing to discover here and again you have to look around a little to find it. Instead if describing it here, I’ll just tell you to go and explore a little on your own (if you haven’t been here before) and follow the narrow path behind the hawk trainer balancing on a barrel.

I don’t know what the purpose of the place is, on Wowhead commenters are not sure either, but one of them noted that Hawkmaster Liu has unique voice acting, so he is probably going to be significant at some point. It’s also possible that they are connected to Shado-Pan.

The Auschwitz of Azeroth

I wanted Joy go to Hillsbrad Foothills for one reason only. I wanted to know what was up with the Sludge Fields and I knew this could only be done by someone of the Horde faction.

I’ve marked the place that I would call an Azerothian Auschwitz on the map below.

I had passed by this point a few months earlier on my draenei shaman and what I saw truly freaked me out. I’m sure we all remember this place as a Horde quest area in the old world, but the town, a human settlement previously known as Hillbrad Fields, has now been turned into an internment camp for the captured human prisoners.

It’s not just that, it’s also a horrific experimental lab for … I don’t know – judge for yourself.

The journal of Clerk Horrace Whitesteed, a prisoner of war held at this camp, can be read here and it gives a chilling picture of what happened to this place. I’ve included some of the passages below:

Whitesteed before Hillsbrad Fields was taken over

Day 20
The Hillsbrad Fields are no more. Those that did not flee were captured. The Forsaken have declared us as prisoners of war. We are to be laborers at their new plantation.

Day 25
They incinerated our farms and made us watch. Construction begins tomorrow.

Day 40
Construction of their plantation is nearly complete. This place resembles no farm or plantation that I’ve ever seen.

Day 45
We’ve started laboring in the sludge fields. They grow poisonous mushrooms in fetid water and muck.

Day 50
I hear screams coming from the Warden’s manor. People are starting to disappear.

Day 52
I overheard that some guards talking about the farmers, Ray, Getz and Kalaba. Something terrible has happened to them – of this I am certain.

Day 60
Those of us that remain are scared for our lives. Some of the farmers claim to have seen ghouls running amok at night.

I wrote my article on what I thought were the 10 most creepy things in WoW before Cataclysm was released. Had I written it today, I would have put this place at the same level of creepyness as Thaddius or even Karazhan Crypt. If the Crypt didn’t have the Upside Downs Sinners, which admittedly is the main reason the crypt is so nightmarish, this place could easily have topped it.

Speaking of Upside Down Sinners, the Sludge Fields did in fact have one more sample for the horror hungering: hanging corpses of the same model as the ones in Karazhan Crypt.

Poor Joy, she didn’t enJoy this place although it had moments of sillyness too. What she did like was the opportunity to “do the right thing”.

The quest is given by a shovel – the shovel of mercy. Notice how save is wrapped in inverted commas … fishy. It turns out this quest can be solved in two different ways.

Use the shovel to smash in the human seedling’s heads.
[Right Click] the human seedlings to free them from the dirt.
Do the right thing.

Aha! Interresting. How often do you as a Horde figure get to act on your own accord and not as a tool of the Horde war machine? (this goes for Alliance too) When I made Joy I imagined she was barely loyal to the Horde, rather she’d go her own way, but of course this is not something I often got the chance to see relfected in her questing, except now.

I didn’t know about this choice when I completed the quest, but I’m happy that Joy at the time saved the human seedlings instead of “saving” them and so Joy did do the right thing, at least what was right for her.

The Tree Trunk Skeleton

When I was out leveling Joy my nerfed hunter, I randomly ran into this hollow tree trunk in Hillsbrad Foothills.

This is not a particularly noteworthy event, but if you click the above picture larger, you can see more clearly a skeleton sitting on the inside.

Given the vast amount of skeletons you can find around Azeroth and Outland, they are not exactly rare either, but this one had a doll sitting next to it, something which I find a little creepy. I couldn’t see if it was an adult or a child, but after pondering it, it’s not so much the skeleton, but rather the doll which is sitting on its lap, that makes it look eerie to me.

I would probably have been equally spooked if it had just been this voodoo-like doll with crossed eyes sitting alone in the tree trunk, staring at me as I passed by on the road.

The location is not far above Tarren Mill. It’s a little East of the path going North towards the Ruins of Alterac.

I leveled through the zone and never got a quest linking to this site, so perhaps we are dealing with another small and hidden detail, all of which makes the world seem less uniform and more random.

In case you get the thrills like me over both large and small exploration discoveries, you may enjoy the below articles.

The Alliance Fleet

Larsa allerted me of another hidden location, a fleet of ships off the shore of the Arathi Highlands Farm. The Arathi Farm as some of you might know, is one of those old, but now, well known secret places. If you go to the small harbor there, you can spot the fleet at the horizon, if your viewing distance reaches far enough.

They are located in a fatigued zone, so it’s not a place to hang out, but you can easily fly out there and back again without dropping dead.

I did a little research on this and found they are scenery with a very specific purpose. The quest that leads the Horde into Twilight Highlands has the player in a zeppelin flying over this particular area. The picture below is a screendump at 2:41 from a youtube video documenting this quest:

Since the fleet is so purposefully mentioned by an NPC, I struggle with the prospect of adding it to the Cataclysm Secrets and Hidden Locations post. Then again, if you’re an Alliance player, how would you know about this – ironically enough?

I decided to put the Alliance Fleet in a seperate post, I thought it was an interesting addition to the old hidden Arathi farm, which before The Shattering (patch 4.0.3a) was completely secluded and had that almost abandonded feel to it.

Funnily enough, when I visited to snap the pictures, I wasn’t alone. This striking blood elf rogue was standing there alone overlooking the sea wearing Bloodfang Armor. See, Horde players evidently know about the fleet, while Alliance don’t!



Cataclysm Secrets and Hidden Locations

These are the secrets and hidden locations I’ve found so far, plus the contributions by the commenters: Livae, Larsa, Riun and Tabathine. Thanks to all of you! I’ve also added the discoveries made by the bloggers/podcasters Syrco (Syrco Owl) and Skolnick (Warcraft Less Traveled).


Under the giant torrent in Darkshore

Under the giant torrent in Darkshore, ther’s a hidden location. If you’ve been there, you know that it would look like a suicide attempt to jump in, but that is exactly what you should do…not suicide.. only the jumping.

Bonus info: You won’t die!

Instead it triggers a small cinematic, where you get to watch yourself dissapear into the eye of the storm, whereafter you fall into an underground cave.

Here you meet an npc which conviniently can teleport you back up, no strings attached, but this is not were the easter egg is buried.

By following a ramp going upwards you eventually meet the ghost of Telarius Voidstrider.

As the picture shows, he is indeed hostile and will say the following: “The shadows will consume you. You are not prepared to face the void.”. Very reminiscent of Illidan Stormrage’s tagline.

For Alliance players he drops a quest item: his writings containing certain secrets on the path to becoming a Demon Hunter. If you’re horde, he will not drop a quest item thus you can’t get the achievement, Tabathine reports in the comments, but he will still attack you.

You need to be level 10 to take the quest, but sadly it doesn’t have an epic follow-up that allows you to start the transformation of becoming a demon hunter yourself – what a let down!

Instead you get an achievement for completing it when you trustfully hand it in at Lor’danel.


The alcove in Stormwind

I found this one by accidentally running through a gate and into this tiny hidden garden. Before you get excited about a secret place inside Stormwind itself, I should say there’s practically nothing in there, except for a table with some big gems on it. Maybe there is a quest leading to it, but I havn’t been able to track any down. So perhaps this is the new but less flashy Cutthroat Alley?


Thunderstrike Mountain

I found this place by exploring Twilight Highlands myself and as far as I know, there are no quests leading you to this place. I have not seen graveyards like these before, which is why I’m adding them.

You can only reach this place by flying, as it has no path to the top.

Judging from the lightposts this has to be graveyards of the Wildhammer clan.

The picture below shows the decorated graves and the lit candles.

I think it’s a very beautiful peaceful little place with a great view over the Krazzworks.

If you follow the ramp upwards you get to the second area. I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s a summoning circle or perhaps even a gryphon graveyard, judging from all the feathers. Go there and judge for yourself, and remember to notice the carvings on the tree trunks.


The Steaming Pools and the Riding Camel

If you ever see this little mysterious camel shaped figurine when venturing in Uldum, do pick it up.

95% of the time it will turn into dust, which you can loot and mysteriously sell for 25 gold. But if you’re lucky you will be swirled up in a cyclone, teleporting you to the semi-secret area named The Steaming Pools, located on the border between Silithus and Feralas.

I went to The Steaming Pools, which is depicted below and it’s completely devoid of any life, plus it also looks a little underdeveloped, not much going on. Some say you can get there by foot, but I was not able to find any paths leading there.

If you get the mysterious teleport there, you’ll see camels walking around not to mention the mysterious owner “Dormus the Camel Hoarder“. He’s an brutal looking elite (with around 225k health points), which you will have to kill. But no worries, most people say he hits like a puppy. The problem is rather finding the rare and small camels and eventually getting one that will actually teleport you.

Looting this guy will mysteriously award you the very rare mount Reins of the Grey Riding Camel. Very suitable for riding in the desert, but unfortunately this camel does not fly.

I added a spawn map below taken from


Tekton at Elwynn Falls

Before the Shattering (aka patch 4.0.3a) Elwynn Falls was a closed off area, hard to get to by normal means of traveling. Instead it was meant as scenery for the flying adventurers, just like the dancing troll village, which however was tranformed into a whole quest hub of it’s own. Elwynn Falls was empty back then, now the owner of the before abandoned house has returned, which you can see with lit windows near the upper left corner of the waterfall.

Agee Tyler, the gnome depicted below, sits in front of the fireplace in his empty house. He doesn’t give you any quests and is most likely one of those azerothian hermits.

He owns a herd of sheep which graze outside his house peacefully, but if you look closer, one of the sheep does not only appear to be robotic, it also has a name! – “Tekton“.

Few people can abstain from killing critters, especially when they’re crowded together. I should warn you though, critter-killers, this sheep is explosive and depending on your position, it might blow you off the edge into a leap of faith. If you survive the explosion, Agee Tyler himself will come out and frown upon your misdeed of killing his sheep.

I guess killing critters, like sheep, sometimes has consequences and Tekton and Agee are here to remind you of that, critter-killer!


Critters at War in Mulgore

Speaking of critters, Livae noted in the comment about a spot in Mulgore, where critters are at war.

I had to see this so I traveled to this location as soon as I was able to, and yes, these critters indeed have their own little zone of destruction.

There’s no ordinary mobs here, only critters… critters wielding weapons, rabbits with axes and prairie dogs with helmets and daggers…

Rumours say they are at killing each other, and I did see what could look like them chasing one another. None of them were dead though, instead the grounds were littered with mice corpses, innocent murdered civilian mice!

Secretly I was hoping for critters that were lethal, especially to all of you critter killers out there – but no. They still only have one health point and will die as soon as you carefully poke them with the tip of your pinky. This even goes for the prairie dog to the left wearing armor.

When you kill them nothing really happens, except they shrink back to normal critter size and lie there, dead and pretending to be an ordinary critter.

So even though we were lucky enough to see critters wielding weaponry, they still haven’t managed to build an army and rebel against our critter-killer guild achievement of murdering 50.000 of them. On the contrary it looks like these critters have an achievement of their own: killing 50.000 mice.

Riun wrote in the comments that this is only half the story. At night the mice turn into insane little skull headed, double barrel gun wielding retaliating rodents. At least they keep their own animal populations under control.


The Random Camp at Lake Dumont

Lake Dumont, or more accurately the island in the middle of the lake, is the scene of what looks like a diverse group of allies who’s shipwrecked here near a broken mage tower. The location is straight above Dire Maul in Feralas.

Livae said in the comments: “It’s like a broken tower with a bunch of random people. I know, best description ever.“, and that is basically it.

Some of these NPC’s are just sitting around, one is sleeping, a couple is dancing, a group stands in a circle talking, and of course there’s the grave carrying the name “Ivan”.

Unphased and disconnected, life on the island goes on even after you arrive, none of them begs you in a quest to bring them home, nor will they attack any approaching member of the Horde, they are in fact friendly. Often we find stranded people in Azeroth to have lost their minds, as is the case with the Bilgewater goblins at Land’s Ends Beach in Tanaris, but no, these people seem to be hanging out chilling.

Rumour has it that all of these NPC’s are named after people in affiliation with Blizzard, and perhaps this place is a sort of memorial. Loads of NPC’s in the Azeroth game world are named from real people and created in honor of them. Blizzard prefers NPC’s over monuments and statues and I think this is also the case here, random as it is.

The only NPC’s that don’t have “real names” are the three cats. One of them is quite bigger than the others, and carries the name Rose, as depicted on the picture to the left.

I can’t help but feel that this place has to contain something more… but at this point, this seems to be it.


The Underwater Goblin Club Room

I believe this place could have remained unknown for a long time, because this one is definately well disguised. I’m able to add this one also thanks to Livae who unknowingly discovered this place by hiding from the Horde.

To go to the hidden goblin club room yourself, you need to travel to the east-end of Thousand Needles.

Swim under the Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge and look for the hole in which the chain to the anchor leads up.

To compensate for the clumsy description, the picture below shows where you need to swim up. It’s at the side of the ship and it doesn’t immideatly look as if there’s anything up there.

Indeed it does have a goblin pin-up poster, a table with empty cans, fancy pineapple drinks and what looks like chinese takeout… where do you get that in Azeroth? I’d love to know!

Should I remind you that this place is underwater. I don’t know when this room was being used, nor do I know what the engineers had in mind when they built the entrance underneath the bottom of the ship – of course it would flood!

I think this place is worth a visit, but thanks to the constructors of the Speedbarge, consider underwater breathing.


The Fairy Ring and the Two Sceletons

If you look at the map of Tirisfal Glades, you may have noticed the western lake surrounded by mountains, with a tiny island. It doesn’t look like there’s anything there, but as Larsa testified in the comments, this place is not entirely empty.

The area, marked with yellow above, stretches out covering what looks like hills on the map, but surprisingly it’s a forest inhabited only by critters when I first went there.

In patch 4.1.0, which came out late April 2011, they added Fey-Drunk Darters, Tirisfal Stags, Does, and Fawns, which we shall see, don’t act like normal animals.

When I scouted around, I found a circle of mushrooms on the spot where the arrow is on the map picture up above. Fairy rings are known from real life as well, traditionally thought to be places where one could witness pixies or fairies dancing.

Also according to folklore, they are considered dangerous and not safe to go near, and added by the hovering mist above it, the surroundings are rather eerie.

However, about every sixth hour or so a beautiful performance takes place, confirming that this mushroom circle indeed is magical when it draws the animals in and the darters engage in what looks like a ritual of music:

This video is made my Syrco (the author of Syrco Owl, a moonkin blog), who also wrote a detailed description of what happens at the mushroom circle in his post World of Warcraft Secrets: The Whispering Forest, including some really nice screenshots.

Tirisfal Glades is said to host an Old God, and I’ve heard rumours speculating that this fairy ring is a sign of this God’s existence. (I’ve written about Old Gods before and ranked them number 4 on my article about The 10 Most Creepy Things in WoW) But judging from the later added darter dance, it doesn’t look like the works of an Old God anymore.

However, there is more to see here…

In the lake, you’ll see a small island, on which a fishing chair and equipment are situated, and the ground is crawling with rats and littered with fish bones.

This is also the scene of a murder! The sceleton lying on the ground, is the body of a fisherman, impaled by a sword while still wielding his fishing pole.

If you’re still up for more, continue by swimming slighty east of the island to the bottom of the lake where you’ll find a crashed air plane and the small body of what is probably a gnome.

Strange sights, perhaps interconnected?


The Tauren Hut with the Big Smoking Pipe (and other Stonetalon locations)

Worthy of notice, the empty tauren hut is not your everyday tauren hut. It features not just the mill and totems as the picture below displays, but also a grand smoking pipe and a strange graveyard connected to the side of the hut.

I was asking myself “which kind of person would live here?” and decided to hang around, hoping the mysterious resident would magically spawn and sit behind their pipe for a puff.

Then again I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, after all it almost apeared as if this person was collecting especially tauren sceletons but also a sitting troll in a bowl.

I know the tauren burial tradition is inspired by real-life native American culture, so the scaffolds are not the strange part, but putting the graveyard in the backyard seems more unusual though.

Needless to say, the host never came to greet his uninvited guest. Perhaps my luck in the end!

This location is not the only one in Stonetalon Mountains that I would deem hidden, the map underneath shows the two other points, both farther to the north east.

As Larsa wrote in the comments, the lakes near the empty smoking tauren hut and the dead hunter are not marked on the map, even though they are both of a reasonable size.

The sceleton of the dead hunter sighting is also quite mysterious. Sitting crouched on the little island, clues to his/her death is unknown. The broken boat, the small shed and boxes, tools and a small cage leaves the impression that this was the home of the hunter and perhaps his now buried family.

These three wooden grave markings are situated not far from the small shed, and tell the tale of what could be the tragic end of a family.

Further towards south-west, in the upper left corner of the map, you’ll find an empty area, except for a small hut and a little further east, some ruins with a few sceletons. These locations are however not as interesting as the above two examples.


The Black Bear Camp and the Dun Morogh Tree (Update August 2011)

Just when you think there are no more goodies to find, more pops up and this is a good one indeed. This location was discovered by Skolnick who runs Warcraft Less Traveled, a podcast devoted to exploration, so if you’re in to that, it’s definitely one to keep an eye and ear on.

Well, Skolnick found the Dun Morogh Tree by accident as it is listed as an NPC, which is strange for a tree. I suspect he is the first to have noticed this addition that came along the 4.1.0 patch back in April this year. His #54 podcast tells the story of the interesting discovery of this very much amusing location, hidden away in the Northwestern part of Dun Morogh.

At the Southern part of this area, you’ll find a small tent with a fireplace and a bit of provisions, however, it’s empty. The same scene can be found at the Northern mark, but here a family of black bears have moved in.

You can see two bear cups, one sitting presumably enjoying the warmth of the fire and one of the parents, probably mother-bear, inhabitating the tent. How nice you might think…

But not far from here papa-bear is keeping the previous owners at bay, two dwarven brothers stuck in the NPC “Dun Morogh Tree”, too scared to climb down.

Jermaine and Anton Buckey squabble about the pickle they are in, one sitting further up looking rather comfortable (the picture below) and the other holding a branch to defend against the “wee bear” (the picture above).

For the sake of the story, I suspect these two dwarves are explorers out tracing this somewhat empty area. Now they provide comedy relief for the rest of us player-explorers – hang in there Buckeys!

For more information, a fully detailed description and discovery background behind finding this location, I advise you to listen to the 9 minute long Warcraft Less Traveled #54 podcast.


I’m expecting more secrets revealed as Cataclysm unfolds, especially after we’ve seen several new additions being added with patch 4.1.0. I will attempt to update this post when I find more.

Vashj’ir and the Fish-faces

I went to Vashj’ir when I began my leveling journey, and I had heard many opinions about this zone, so I wasn’t sure what to expect myself. Some said it’s beautiful while some hate it. Personally I was dreading the whole idea of the plane being 3D. Mobs are not only to the left, right, front or behind, they can be ABOVE OR BELOW YOU!

…I know, it’s a whole new way of thinking – definitely outside of the box.

But I went and I actually really enjoyed the zone. I thought I would pull more mobs because I wouldn’t be able to position myself properly, but it actually didn’t happen, nor did swimming through the zone on the seahorse leave a trail of angry fish behind me.

Speaking of fish, have you noticed the little fish-couple outside some of the underground caves? They swim close to each other and look so happy . The female fish has little eyelashes. They’re small so they don’t spring immediately to your eyes, so I took a picture to put here, along with some other fish with funny faces.

The Faces of the Vashj’ir Fish

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy leveling to the not already level 85 people!

4 Secret Locations to visit before they disappear with Cataclysm

NB! Patch 4.0.3a (aka The Shattering) has been applied. This means these four locations are out and you can no longer visit them!


I’ve collected some of the secret locations around Azeroth, that will be taken out in about a weeks time, and for all those explorers out there – you can still make it!

I’m not talking about Dancing Troll Village nor Ironforge Airport. Those places are becoming quest hubs, so we’ll get plenty of chance to see them. I’m talking about the few not so exuberant yet secret locations, which will disappear soon! The world map is changing and stuff happens, the curious should take that vacation soon and get started on an adventure!

Azshara Crater

Azshara is in terms of questing an underdeveloped zone, despite it’s undulating landscape and it’s significant role in the lore. The zone looks like an old battlefield, and indeed it is. The old capital of the night elves, named Zin-Azshari, used to be here before the Great Sundering took place, tearing Azeroth into two continents, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

This place was however also meant to be a real battleground, but never made it further than the surronding landscape supporting seperate entrances for the Horde and the Alliance.

On the map above, you can just see the two paths leaving up to a cave each. They connect from the main road through Azshara, so they should be easy to find. I took this picture of the Alliance entrance path near the cave entrance, showing how it looks on foot (and in pouring rain).

Since the zone of Azshara will be transformed into a low level questing zone, it is very likely that we will never be able to actually enter the real Azshara battleground. The outer shell still stands, but not for long.


Silithus Coast Tauren Farm

I visited this place at night, and it is probably at midnight this place will come to “life”. I started out from Feralas and just followed the coastline south. For a long time all you see are these bare hill sides on your left and endless ocean on the right, until you spot trees in the distance.

I found this place to have an eerie feeling to it, with fires burning and two boats still sitting at the water edge, a cave to the east full of bones, apparently stretching underneath Ahn’Qiraj. And this place is devout of life, in any form.

Much like Karazhan Crypts, empty places can still be psychologically scary. The Tauren Farm at Silithus is definately a “by night” experience. During day light, it’s just… there.

The village of the missing tauren will be gone when the Cataclysm hits, only the cave will be left, still empty with bones and ambience.


South Seas Islands

These islands are, as you perhaps noticed already, not even on the map. Alternative maps show the real distance from the Tanaris beach shore:

The dark blue water color is fatigued water, so you will need some form of faster travel than swimming, to avoid dying on the way.

The islands are actually involved in a few quests, so maybe you have already visited the Southsea Pirates, and the few mobs around the place.

There’s also a few gnomish and goblin houses, sadly empty, and an oil drilling scaffold between the two islands. A while back, it was a common misunderstanding that this place was the famous GM Island. I’d still say this is a pretty good destination for a distant holiday vacation, but book it soon, for they are gone very soon.


Old Quel’thalas

Quel’Thalas is originally the land of the highelves, but is now inhabited by the blood elves and their capital city Silvermoon. With the Burning Crusade expansion, this zone has become available to players, but only through the various portals around the world, not by swimming north.

Quel’Thalas as a zone can still be entered but there is not much to see, except for this little elven shore base.

The easiest way to get to Quel’thalas, is by swimming from the northeastern shore of Tirisfal Glades, until you after a few minutes meet this sight in the distance.

I wouldn’t call Quel’thalas a great tourist site, it has no residents and only a few ruins, but it’s still a calming and soothing place, especially in the evening with it’s small bridge facing the serene ocean.

The picture to the left shows the location of the Quel’thalas shore base, which is alongside the coast right above an undeveloped zone, which I colored orange in the picture. The zone behind the base is empty and of little interest.

The two yellow zones depict the instanced Quel’thalas, and the dotted line shows where the coastline is if you swim around the northern part of Eastern Kingdom, meaning if you’re somewhere above the line, you’ll be swimming and not on land, despite what the map shows.

Since this place, like the Tauren village, is placed on the edge of an undeveloped area, it is likely to be changed or dissapear altogether.  I am not 100% sure it will be totally gone though, as the area is blocked by an invisible wall, so I can not confirm this myself. We will have to see.


Creepy ThingsIf you liked this post but don’t have time to go traveling, you can check out my other post called: 10 Most Creepy Things in WoW, which features some spooky places you can visit, even after Cataclysm… at your own risk that is.