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Exam in a few hours!

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17 responses to “Exam

  1. OMG, the exam (is this like defend thesis or qualifying exams or anything?) is so stressful you’ve started wearing red-red lipstick! WoW! Good luck!

  2. anyway, after writing the Minecraft Codex and being the author of one of the top Minecraft blogs, your committee can’t really give you any crap, can they? :+]

  3. Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll do splendidly! :D

  4. I know it’s probably over by now and I’m sure you aced it and can breath a sigh of relief now or go out and celebrate!

  5. You rocked it. Have no doubt!

  6. Must we wait FOREEEE-V-ERRRRR to hear???

    HOW DID IT GO?????

    Are you going to blog about it? Seriously! It’s not something you’re likely to do again, it’d be nice to put down a few thoughts from it…

  7. That is one damn long exam! Hello … hello? Must be out celebrating cause it’s over.

    • Not entirely wrong, hehe, family and friends had arranged a surprise party for me, which I didn’t see coming at all, but nonetheless a very pleasant surprise.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments! I’m now officially holding an MSc :D

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