A Tower of Books

Reason for inactivity: Finishing up my thesis.

What’s it about? It’s a secret. If people knew, they would laugh.

What are you going to do afterwards? Freak out.

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8 responses to “A Tower of Books

  1. Good luck with finishing your thesis!

  2. I wouldn’t laugh, promise, lol, whoops. Good luck on reaching the end, we’ll all freak out with you when it’s done and maybe set off some fireworks for you!

  3. Oh, best of luck with it :)

  4. I heard a rumor, probably an old avatar’s tail, that before you were a Minecraft blogger that you had, at some point, seriously considered getting into WoW! Not to put you on the spot, but can you confirm or deny this mind-blowing claim???

    It sure is sweet the way everyone plays along and pretends your thesis topic is a secret when we all know you’re writing the definitive Minecraft Codex!

    Actually, a good chunk of iRez is off writing theses!

    Ironyca – Minecraft Codex
    Kathleen – Informal art education in virtual worlds
    Katie – Accessibility in Virtual Worlds

    It turns out that You, Kathleen, Katie, and I are but 4 of what wound up to be 31 authors who contributed to iRez in 2012! It was really great having you join us and of course, so much fun to go on virtual world field trips! I hope there will be more whenever your thesis is done. K&K both defend around April I think.

    Have a great holiday season, and a 2013 filled with wonder!

    — Vaneeesa


    • Oh man, if it had been a Minecraft codex, I would have been bragging about it!
      But thank for your sweet message! I’ve been proud to be a part of Irez and plan to continue posting there, and especially finish off my gimme six series.

      Happy holidays to you too Vaneeesa!

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