“Somebody Likes Me”

Moving on to Dustwallow March, Elford wasn’t sure he could handle yet another area like Duskwood, that most of all felt like starring in a horror movie, but for Stormwind to recognize Elford’s hard work, he needed to be where the right people were watching.

Even the Mudsprocket residents were watching …or was Elford being checked out?

Apparently checking up on crazy local hermits was something Theramore cared about, in fact Elford often found himself doing simple tasks that didn’t seem that important to the overall cause.

But soon, that didn’t matter.

He was talking to Morgan Stern, the local chef at the Theramore Inn, about helping out with his bug-ingredients, but Stern also mentioned, besides the not so heroic errands he wanted Elford to do, that he had heard that people were impressed with him.

…that somebody liked him.

Reports of Elford’s work had reached the Stormwind headquarters.

When Lisbeth Schneider had pulled him to court for selling her unique Stylish Black Shirts to the Horde, he was amongst other things sentenced to community service, and now he had done his time. He had restored his lost reputation with Stormwind, he was now exalted and a free man.

This also meant a few opportunities opened up to him, and he traveled back to Stormwind with the next boat that undocked Theramore.

In Stormwind he was now allowed to buy the mount of a gentleman – a horse. Without much inspection, he bought a brown one. He didn’t know much about horses but the breeder spoke well of this one. It was to be the symbol of his latest achievement and Elford thought he had made a fine purchase.

He added his new companion to his collection of portrait picture frames, this horse was definitely worth bragging about.


- Next episode: The WoW Ironman Challenge – Level 40 Status
- From the beginning: Elford the (former) Executive and the Ironman Challenge

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11 responses to ““Somebody Likes Me”

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats, Elford!

    Now that he’s a free man, what’s next?

    • Hehe, I couldn’t fit the inner discussion of what he now wanted to do into this post, not even as a teaser (bad writer!), so… it’ll have to be for another post.

  2. Yay Elford! Well, now I wonder what he will be doing with his life…

  3. She was so totally checking him out! I’m glad he finished his community service and was able to get a mount befitting his stature!

  4. That shot is the beginning of STAR CROSSED LOVE!

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