I want to be a part of the WoW Ironman Challenge too!

This is what I found when I googled "Ironman Challenge". Look at that proud man standing at the foot of this monstrosity of a bouncy castle.

Joy was created before I read about The WoW Ironman Challenge. She was heavily inspired by Thriftee, but I never made a guideline for myself on how I wanted to level her. I’m pretty close to the Ironman Challenge rule set, primarily on the points of exclusively using crappy gear, not using xp enhancers and avoid grouping/LFD.

Joy’s only role was to be a fun character to play – whatever it took. She’s currently lvl 32 and I felt she was leveling too quickly, so I’ve paused her xp gain for a while. I was originally considering going for the Loremaster achievement, completing the zones while at the right level bracket, but now I have a new plan!

I want to be a part of the WoW Ironman Challenge too!

I don’t feel like I can revert Joy to fit the rules, she already broke them and starting her over is not a very appealing choice either. I’ve therefore decided to make a new character who will follow the rules strictly, a character who is less of a hippie than Joy is, in fact yuppie is probably a better description of him. When I say “him”, it’s because playing a male character is also part of the challenge for me. For unknown reasons, I’m less likely to gender-bend my characters (in any game), probably because I tend to identify quite heavily. As a personal test, I will see how I feel about playing a dude.

This will also meet my need to level slower as I can level two characters at once and more importantly, I get to cover more quest zones and both factions. It means I can now safely take Joy’s xp block away and won’t have to worry about her blasting through content, I have a second character to cover what I want to see now.

I’m not a fast leveler, never have been, so I’m not playing along as a race, this also means my updates on Joy and dude will not tick in like daily news, especially because I will be dividing my time between the two.

I have some future updates on Joy waiting, including laying out her rule set. I will also be introducing the dude soon, the at-the-moment-anonymous character I will be playing the real Ironman way.

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6 responses to “I want to be a part of the WoW Ironman Challenge too!

  1. Welcome to the Challenge! :D May you die many times on the road to glory! (That’s supposed to be a compliment. Cause you know, I have no doubt most of us will be dying a lot the higher in levels we go.)

    • Oh god… my character, who’s now lvl 7, has already been close many times. I’ll be interested to see who can go the furthest without dying.

  2. Haha – I had a feeling you wouldn’t be able to resist. So good luck :D
    Really dying to see what class you chose :)

    Sorry – might have posted anonymously before this by accident – if so please delete Ironya.

  3. I know you are keeping him anonymous for now but, like Dora, I’m intrigued as to what your class and race choice are. I know it can make all the difference :)

    Good luck, Ironyca!

  4. That’s great Ironyca. I can’t wait to meet your Iron Dude! I can use the mental moral support. It will be interesting to read about everyone’s trials and tribulations. I hit my first road block at level 15. That Sylvanas thinks I’m an Ironman or something.

  5. Haha, you’re right Döra, I totally couldn’t help myself, especially not when everyone else jumped on board. I just needed to find out how I went about it, but now I know :)

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