Minecraft – The Lego Game

Dear Minecraft

You’re the wet dream of an indie developer come true.

You’re the mocking laugh in the face of the game industry whose biggest deity is better graphics.

You’re both the savior and the nemesis of the ultimate explorer. Your game frame is the size of a postcard, but your world is infinite. Your borders are only vertical, but you would generate horizontally forever given anyone had the space and time for it.

You’re the kind of game that turns the player into a creator, a constructor or perhaps just a stranded loner in a world gone Lego, Lego on acid as someone coined it.

Speaking of Lego

One of my course mates wrote a very poignant post about you called That Lego Game pt. 1, he says it so well. Quoting two paragraphs from his piece:

While talking to one of my close friends on Skype, who happens to work in the digital design apartment of LEGO, about my blogging exercises for the digital game theory course, he jokingly referred to Minecraft as “the great LEGO-game that LEGO never made”. In recent years the LEGO-corporation has, in collaboration with the British game studio Traveller’s Tales, published a number of successful video game licenses such as Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones as well as Lego Harry Potter.

(By Extazify on Deviant Art)

While the LEGO-corporation so far has been largely unsuccessful in replicating the paidiac-nature of the original LEGO-block in a digital form, another video game was suddenly released back in 2009, which to a much greater extend mimicked the free-form play afforded by the original LEGO-brick. This small indie game was of course called Minecraft, and it was programmed, designed as well as released by the Swedish bedroom programmer Markus “Notch” Persson.

Mmmm, I love Lego… I’ll see you soon Minecraft.

- Ironyca Lee

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10 responses to “Minecraft – The Lego Game

  1. And to think, this game is only in Beta! I can’t wait to see how it evolves and changes before actual release.

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  3. Proform Pete

    Your opening paragraph is like poetry. You should make it into a song. Haha. Oh and your friend is an outstanding writer. Does he get paid to do so? And just as a not, I loved LEGOs as a kid and now I love minecraft. SO wonderful.

    • Thanks for commenting. Yeah it was meant to be both poetic but also a little funny.
      My friend is not a writer, however he is a game student with a background in literary studies. I loved this article of his so much too, it’s got great flow.

    • The screenshots are not from servers I have access to, so I can’t let you in. But I’m sure some of them are available as downloads so you can explore them yourself.

  4. cheat copy this dig in till you get in the end of the word then you have cheaerd

  5. i need to find lego mincraft website th game

  6. minecraft is the best game ever
    because you get to make a mine
    lego minecraft is awsome
    i play it all the time

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